Thursday, July 28, 2016

Check the cupboard!!!

Hey everybody! This is my last week at the MTC! Can't believe how fast it's gone by! I have some great stories to tell this week. First thing's first, I haven't laughed so much in my whole life. All we do as a district of all elders is laugh. We can be studying away, and someone makes one dumb joke or fart noise and that's the end. It's our greatest strength and weakness! But the fact is we love each other and lift each other up with our testimonies.

My first story happened on Saturday night. We got back to the residence after a long day, and we were in a weird delusional mood. We were all just laughing and joking, when Elder Judd suggested we play hide and seek. I was so in! I wanted to win! So he started counting and I hid in this giant cupboard in the hall. I was so proud! Well, the minutes went by... and more minutes... So I finally crawled out and asked my comp Elder Comish where Elder Judd was looking. He looked at me and said, "No one is playing hide and seek." I sat in that stinky cupboard for 20 minutes for no reason!! Hahahahaha the joke this week has been that I'm the hide and seek champ!

We had a new investigator this week named Bubba. He is a gang member and a really rough guy. We walked on eggshells the first few minutes of our lesson, but he started to open up a little more. Near the end of our lesson, I asked if he would pray for us at the end. He said no, but he would pray at home, and then went off on a tangent. So a few minutes later, when he finished his tangent, I said, "so you will pray at home?" Then he exploded. He yelled at me that I had a funny feeling about me and that we were no longer welcome and kicked us out. We had no idea what to do! Well it was 2 days before we taught him again. We walked in his room and he looked at me with a very angry face. I apologized for offending him and told him we were there to share a message about Jesus Christ. He accepted my apology, and said if we had been on the street teaching him, he would have pulled his gun on me. (mind you he is a gang leader). So we can all thank heavens we were meeting in the training center!

It's been a really calm week here, so I think that's about it! I love this gospel! It really is my happiness. Through Jesus Christ we are made whole, and because of Him we can return to our Heavenly Father. I love you all! Keep the emails coming! I love reading them!

Next Stop, Portland!!

Elder Hall

PS If you can't find Elder Hall, check in here!

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