Monday, June 18, 2018

Spring Cleaning

My Father's Day tie from church

Hey everyone! It’s officially summer here in Oregon! School is finally out for all the kiddos here and people are always outside. I’m excited for the summertime! We didn’t have a ton happen this week, but here’s the scoop!

Tuesday was district meeting, and I decided it needed to be Indiana Jones themed. So I borrowed a whip from someone and Elder Bennett and I caught 4 live snakes to bring! It was a memorable district meeting!

We did a lot of service this week, cutting down trees and helping with some spring cleaning. It was a lot of fun! 

On Sunday we had dinner with the Doyel family and they have a few friends that want to learn more about the gospel! We are meeting with them soon hopefully!

I also had the privilege to administer two priesthood blessings yesterday. I am always so humbled when I get to be an instrument on behalf of the Lord. It is such an incredible blessing for all parties involved. I love this gospel!

Have a good week everyone!

Elder Hall 

Trimming a tree

Monday, June 11, 2018

Adventures in Sherwood

Me and Elder Bennett

Hey everyone! It’s been a wild week full of adventures! My new companion is Elder Bennett from Ogden, Utah. He’s a good guy and I’m excited for this last transfer!

We had a lot of adventures this week, from lassoing alpacas, building bonfires, and working security at the Cruisin’ Sherwood. We had a really fun week!

I’m sorry this is so short, I don’t have much time! Just know that I’m alive and well. I hope you have a great week!

Elder Hall 

Elder DeMille, Sister Parker, Josh, and I

Cooking chicken on my new grill I got for free!

Lassoing Kuzco the alpaca!

Working security at the Cruisin’ Sherwood

A bonfire we made

Monday, June 4, 2018

Let it Begin

Blender dash with Wallace

Hey everyone! This is going to be super short this week, mostly because it’s only been 4 days since i last wrote and I really don’t have much that’s new. Although, I did get a haircut and I caught a cold!

Starting on Wednesday is my last transfer as a missionary! I can’t believe this time has finally arrived. I will be spending these last six weeks in the Sherwood ward! Elder DeMille sadly has been transferred so I will receive a new companion. We don’t find out who it is until tomorrow, but I’m excited to finish out my mission!!

The highlight was Saturday we all volunteered at the Blender Dash! It was one of those races that is full of chalk, bubbles, mud, hay, zombies, etc. We were in charge of throwing colored chalk at small children in the middle of the forest. It was pretty fun I won’t lie, even though my clothes are all stained pink. Haha it was a good time!

Also, we shaved an alpaca this week too. His name was Fabio and he put up a pretty good fight!

I was heartbroken to hear about the passing of my sweet Bonnie Jo Crockett. She was an incredible woman that holds a very special place in my heart. I’m so thankful she is finally reunited with her sweetheart! Thank you Rich and Bonnie for showing me that love can truly endure forever. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

With Love,

Elder Hall 

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Workin' Hard or Hardly Workin'

Memorial Day in Sherwood

Hey everybody! It's been a great 10 days! I haven't written until today because we got to go to the temple this morning! It was a great session and a beautiful morning. Only one more time there until I go home! It's kind of crazy.

Well, the last 10 days have been full of adventure! We've been doing a lot of service and just plain old missionary work. Myriam is doing awesome, and we are excited to help her get to the temple soon! 

It was an exciting day on Saturday, I got the stitches out of my thumb! It's still pretty tender, but I'm grateful it is healing quickly and without issues.

We also shaved some farm dogs this week and that was really disgusting and I never want to do it again. Don't worry, we took pictures! 

I'm sorry this isn't a huge email, just know that I'm doing well, I love you all, and I can't wait for this next month and a half to go by! I know this gospel is true, and Jesus Christ is real! Have an awesome week!

With Love,

Elder Hall

Beautiful evening!

Shaving Patch the dog with Ann

Shaving Zina the dog with Ann

Doing work in the shirt and tie


Me and DeMille  

                                    Baby goat

Sherwood District

Ditchin' the stitchin'

Monday, May 21, 2018

Filled with Light

Myriam's baptism!

Hey everyone!! It was an incredible week here in Sherwood! This won’t be the longest email, but know that we are so happy!

We did a good amount of service for members in the ward this week! We helped install a sprinkler system for one member and cleaned out some flower beds for another. BJ and Barb made us fresh sushi that was incredible! We had a lot of fun talking to all of our incredible members this week.

The highlight of this week was on Saturday! My good friend Myriam got baptized! Her testimony is so strong. She is so ready to face the world as a member of the true church of Jesus Christ! The service was beautiful and full of the spirit. It was such a neat experience and an honor to be a part of her journey! 

I’m grateful for this opportunity to be out here serving. This gospel has filled my soul with light and joy! I love you all, have a great week!

Elder Hall 

Monday, May 14, 2018


Hey everyone! Happy Mother’s Day yesterday! It was QUITE the eventful day! I’ll get to that, but first I want to tell you about our week!

Tuesday morning Elder Goncalves and I went over to Anne’s and shoed her horses. It was a learning experience for me, but I enjoyed it a lot! It was pretty cool!

Wednesday morning Amy called us needing some help. We ended up helping her at her new apartment for the whole morning. We went and got lunch and an ice cream after and it was so fun! We are seriously just two peas in a pod. That night we were visiting BJ and Barb and Barb said she needed an ice cream, so we went and got ice cream again! Haha it was great.

Friday morning Abraham called us and needed help with his garage door opener. Man, that was a process but we got it working! My experience helping my dad out on the various houses we’ve renovated came in handy!

On Saturday we got a call from some members asking us to come help shave their llama! I was in charge of wrestling said llama to the ground. I did a pretty good job until it got up with me on it. I took a little ride on the llama! Haha it was awesome.

Our investigator Myriam is doing awesome! We are so excited for her baptism this Saturday! We had two awesome lessons with her this week. She had a great baptismal interview and she is just so prepared for her baptism! I am so proud of her and so honored I get to play a small part in her journey. May 19th, here we come!

The call home was amazing! I miss my family so much. I am IN LOVE with Anna, Penny, Jayne, and Jasper! They are all so big! I am so excited to see them in July! I have seriously missed being with all of my siblings. You guys will forever be my best friends! I love you! I have an angel mother that watches over and loves me more than I can comprehend. I LOVE YOU MOM!!!

Yesterday was a day of milestones for me! 22 months, last call home, and first time getting stitches! Hahaha I can explain. So, yesterday morning I decide to eat an apple for breakfast. The apple I had was extremely large, so I decided to cut it up first. Well, I whip out my very nice and very sharp pocket knife to do the job. It turns out that knife cuts very well! It went straight through my apple and straight into my right thumb! Man, that thing bled like crazy. After dousing it in super glue, it finally stopped bleeding. I called the mission nurse and she told me to go to instacare. So away we went, a few hours before church! 

Well, the doctor came in, glanced at my thumb and said, “Yeah that needs stitches.” They decided to numb me up in the thumb which was the MOST PAINFUL THING IN MY LIFE. Getting a needle stuck into your thumb’s nerves is not fun! It put me down for the count. I finally got over the nausea and they stitched me up. Five stitches and I’m good as new!! Hahaha it was a pretty eventful day! Now I can’t do very much for the next 10 days as it heals. Pray for my thumb!

I love you all, I know God lives, and this is His restored gospel! Have an amazing week!

With Love,
Elder Hall


Getting stitched up!



The boys with Nutmeg the Llama!


Me and Spirit the horse.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Setting Dates and Building Goat Pens

Elder DeMille, Bashi Bushman, and I

Hey everyone! It’s been quite the week! We had a great time here in Sherwood ward. I’m excited to tell you the updates about our awesome area! We’ve had a great week!

On Tuesday we had a lesson with our awesome investigator Myriam! She’s from Michigan and moved out here to start a new life. She’s been coming to church for the last two months, and she’s loved reading the Book of Mormon! We set a date with her for May 19th! We are so pumped for her!

I finished building the goat pen at Anne’s this week, and I’m so relieved. Those goats are so much happier now! They finally have a place to run and play. It’s awesome!

We had a great zone conference this week. I love this mission!! I’m going to miss it so much!

Well I’m sorry this is short, but I’m exhausted and honestly not a ton happened this week! I promise that next week will be even better! I love you all, I know the gospel is true!

Elder Hall 


An awesome sign I found                                Throwin back to transfer day with my boys!

New glasses!!