Monday, November 28, 2016

D&C 78:19

My Christmas tree!

Hello from Sherwood!

"And he who receiveth all things with thankfulness shall be made
glorious; and the things of this earth shall be added unto him, even
an hundred fold, yea, more."

What an awesome week it's been! Filled with highs and lows, but I'm
grateful the highs overtook the lows! Looking back, I really did a lot
of crying this week. I guess that's what happens when you grow up a
Hall. We are very good at emotions, ha ha!

Last Monday I thought I might have broken my foot playing basketball.
I couldn't walk on it for a few days! It turns out I just badly
sprained it, and I'll be back to normal soon! I'm still limping a

Tuesday was just a bad day! I have a hard time getting along with some
of the elders in leadership positions and it has been a struggle. I
was having such a hard day when we decided to get the mail and the
most incredible miracle happened! There were three Christmas CDs from
my mom and a Christmas card from my home ward, the good old Grove 4th!
We went back to the apartment and I don't think Andy Williams has sang
so loud in his whole life! What an incredible tender mercy.

It was Pie Night Wednesday! I didn't want to miss out on our family
tradition, so I made a pie from scratch using the things we had in our
apartment! Luckily I know how to make crust and we just happened to
have apples and the things needed for apple pie. The missionaries in
our district loved it!

Thanksgiving was a blast! We had pie for breakfast as tradition! Then
we had lunch with the Christensen's at the church! It was good food and
good conversation. Later in the day we went to a member's home in the
Cedar Creek Ward with Elder Cedillo and Elder Roundy. We had a ton of
fun there, and even played Thanksgiving bingo, complete with dollar
store prizes! I felt right at home! After dinner, the elders in our
district came to our apartment and we built forts and had a giant Nerf
war! It was tons of fun!

We helped a nonmember family move this week after we rode by and saw
they needed help. The Elderly couple shed tears as we finished packing
the trailer for them. They were even more shocked when we wouldn't
accept a check or cash for our efforts. They wrote down our names and
said they would be getting in touch with our superior, that Monson
guy, to thank him for our help. We will see how that goes for her! It
was such a fun experience serving and sharing our light of Christ.

On Saturday, Matt had his interview with our district leader. He was
denied for baptism. We were devastated because we know he is ready! So,
we made a call to the mission presidency. President Harris, the 2nd
counselor in the OPM presidency, came out to Sherwood on Sunday and
did an interview with Matt. When he opened the door after the
interview he said, "Where do I sign on this form? This man is ready to
be baptized!" There were tears shed as he signed the "OK" to move
forward. December 3rd can't come quick enough!

Earlier this week, our "boss man" in the Ward, our ward mission leader
Brother Werle, went with his family to Utah for Thanksgiving. I sent
them with a little surprise for my family. I was so happy to get
pictures of the Werles and my mom and sister! When we stopped by last
night, they gave me a big bag from my mom. I was so surprised! In it
was a small Christmas tree and hand drawn paper ornaments from my
family. You better believe there were tears as I put the tiny tree up.

I'm so thankful for my family, and more importantly the gospel. Two
years is going to be an incredibly long time for me to be away from my
little band of crazies. I can't imagine not having them for eternity.
I am so thankful for the temple and the Priesthood power that seals my
family together forever. Of all the treasures in the world, I have the
biggest and brightest of all. I love my family!! #hallpride ❤️💙


With love,

Elder Hall

Pie night!                                                    The Werles and my family!

More pie night!
                                                                                       Thanksgiving with Elder Chen


Finished pie!                    I was the first one in the world to commit to the worldwide day of service on Dec 1st!

The video is our nerf war!

This video is Fun with balloons we, err, found. Yeah, we found them.

Monday, November 21, 2016


Bridger, the one pedal wonder!

Hello from the Oregon sunshine! (Also known as rain) It's been a
whirlwind of a week. I can't believe it is already a new week, and
Thanksgiving on top of that! We had a good week.

Last Monday, I taught Elder Chen how to throw a football! We played
catch for a good hour. I felt like a proud dad! My little grasshopper
is growing so fast! Haha we joke because he's 5 years older than me
but I'm almost two and a half of him.

Wednesday we got to go to the temple! I was so excited because it
was my first time going to the Portland temple. What a gorgeous temple
it is! It is so unique, and lives up to its title of "the gem of all
temples" given by President Monson. I have missed the temple so much,
I was almost giddy walking in! The peace and comfort you feel there is
unexplainable. I love the temple!!

Thursday we went on exchanges. I had an Elder come to Woodhaven and
Elder Chen went to another area for the day. The Elder I had was
special needs and it was a lot of fun! He is here only for a short
time until he goes home.

Friday was so fun! It was thanksgiving dinner at the senior center. I
love all those old people! They are always putting a smile on your
face. I am so grateful for them. After serving at the center, we went
to help the local food pantry. Gerry and Dotty are the chairs of the
pantry, and we see them quite often helping with different things.
They have become dear friends! I love them so much. They have taught
me how to be grateful for all that I have. Later that night, we had
dinner with a member at their country club. It was amazing! I felt
like I was at Little America or something! They had a breakfast buffet
just like Little America, the one we always go to for Christmas! I
felt so fancy there, and it was gorgeous! After dinner, they took us
for a spin in his 2016 Jaguar F-Type sport. Holy cow I have got to get
me one of those!!

So Thursday my bike pedal broke off. There wasn't anyone available
to help us or take us anywhere to get it fixed, so I just kept riding
it. I rode that bike for two days on one pedal! I was doing pretty
good! Brother Werle (our ward mission leader who is awesome and become
a good friend) found out about it Saturday and said he would come
get us and take it to his house to fix it. He picked us up and drove
to a bike shop and said "don't worry, I'm paying. Let's fix your
bike!" They had everything on it ready to go, including some fixes I
also needed. I was so grateful for him and his kindness towards me!
After taking the bike home, he took us out to dinner with his family
to an amazing barbecue place called Buster's! It was so fun and SO
good. My heart is still so full from the good people of this ward. I
love Woodhaven!

Matt is getting ready for baptism in two weeks! We are so excited!!
December 3rd  can't come soon enough! Woo woo! I am so happy for him
and his decision to take this step towards his Heavenly Father. This
really is the true church! Just like the late Prophet Howard W Hunter
said, the greatest achievement in this life is to find God and know He
lives! That's true!

I am so grateful for this gospel. I'm beyond grateful for my
relationship with my Heavenly Father. I really am His son! Because of
this restored gospel, I get to be with my family for eternity. What a
blessing! We are so blessed to have this knowledge. The Book of Mormon
is true. It is not just a book. It contains the fullness of the
everlasting gospel and the love and happiness from our Savior. What an
incredible blessing! This church is true. I love it. Remember this
holiday season that we have all that we have because of our Savior
Jesus Christ.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Elder Hall

Selfie with the super moon

Dinner at the country club

Monday, November 14, 2016


A tree the city cut down after beavers tried! Still haven't seen a
beaver here, but this is evidence they're here!


Hey everyone!! What a crazy week it's been in the world! Let's all be
thankful that we can follow a living prophet for guidance. That's all
I have to say about that.

***Amy Appreciation Paragraph***
Amy is the best ever. I just love Amy so much. You can't find a better
member in the Woodhaven ward. She is the coolest and the funniest.
When she leads the music Sunday I just feel the spirit so strong.
She is my soul sister. She does the best job at cutting hair and I
just can't believe  how lucky I am to know her. Amy is the best!

On Thursday we had zone conference. It was good except for the part
where it was 10 hours. Yeah that wasn't great. Elder Chen and I
laughed through the whole thing because president Ballard was up there
talking all day about things we need to do better and we have already
been doing everything that was said! It was so awesome to know we've
been doing what the Lord wants us to be doing. I love President
Ballard so much. We are made from the same stuff. Every time he talks
it's like, "amen brother!"

Friday I learned a lot about myself. Some events happened within our
district of missionaries and instead of me losing my patience and
exploding, I was able to step back, take a deep breath, and handle the
situation. It was a big deal for me.

Saturday we helped move a lot of people! 5 moving trucks were unloaded
and loaded. Brother Werle (our ward mission leader) and I were the
designated piano movers. I've gained a reputation for being the ward
strong man now. I'm not complaining though! I love being the buff guy.

This week I have been missing my Buster Bluth like none other! Man
what I would give to have him here with me. I thought other dogs up
here would help, but that usually makes me miss him more. Love you

Yesterday was the primary program! I loved every second. All those
kids bearing testimony makes me emotional! I felt the spirit so strong
when they started to sing "Gethsemane" what an incredible experience.

Earlier this week, we had a lesson with Matt and he said he wanted to
get baptized before I get transferred! Transfers are December 5th so
we asked if he would be ready by then. He said yes! So then yesterday
he was at church and he loved it! Everyone was so kind and friendly.
Then last night we went over, and set a date! He will be baptized on
December 3rd!! We are so excited for him!! You know in the scriptures
when it says how great will be your joy in bringing even one soul unto
me? I can't even describe that joy. I am so excited!! December can't
come fast enough!! What an incredible thing to see someone find God
and His restored gospel!

I know this church is true! Have an incredible week!

Elder Hall


Mount hood from our area! It's an hour away, but you can still see it!

This is Paisley, the dog that found my name tag last week!

Monday, November 7, 2016


My lost name tag finally returned!

Hey from Oregon!

It's been a great week, I'm excited to tell you about it!

The downside is that Laura has started to avoid us this week. We
aren't sure why, but we might be losing her. It's so frustrating
because she was so close! We aren't giving up though, and hopefully
she can keep feeling what's true.

Thursday we went to see a less active member and it turned out they
moved. The lady that answered the door wasn't interested until she saw
Elder Chen's Chinese name tag. She happened to be Chinese as well.
Elder Chen taught her the whole first lesson at the door in Mandarin!
She was very interested, and we are excited to go back and teach.
Well, Elder Chen will teach and I will smile and nod as if I know what
the heck they are saying.

Friday we went to the Sherwood Bowmen game! It was round one of the
playoffs, and they won 47-26! What an experience! I loved every
second! It made me miss football so much. They played a great game!
Going as a missionary was like being a celebrity. Everyone wanted to
say hi and take pictures. The marching band played and they were
incredible! I had chills the whole time. They blew me away! But man,
what I wouldn't give to play just one more football game!! I miss it
so much! I did have to get a sweet Sherwood hoodie though.

Saturday we had dinner with Betty, a 97-year-old ward member,
living at the local rest home. She doesn't quite have her memory
anymore, but she was a hoot and had 4 referrals for us, though we
think they are all members... Either way, it was so fun and brought
back sweet memories of Grandma Beth. I really miss her!

So about a month ago, I lost my magnetic missionary name tag. I prayed
and prayed. I thought, "I'm a missionary, I have faith, it will just
be on my desk one morning." It never showed up. On Saturday we went
and visited an investigator, Dan. When he opened the door he said,
"hey I have something of yours." He then gave me my missionary tag! He
said he was walking their dog Paisley (who is my pal, I love that dog)
and she picked something up. She always did that and he didn't think
anything of it. She held onto it all the way home. When Paisley laid
down to chew on her new find, Dan noticed it was my tag! He grabbed it
from her and later that day we stopped by. Though it was a month
later, God answered my prayer through that black lab puppy. I am so
thankful, and I will never forget that dog! My tag has a few bite
marks now, but all the more reason to love it.

We had a lesson with Matt about temples and it was awesome! I got to
remember how much I love the temple. We invited him to see the visitor
center and he accepted! Yesterday we went to the VC (visitor center)
and had an amazing lesson with him and his two younger boys, one of
them being 9 and eligible for baptism as well. We first asked Matt if
he would be baptized, and he said yes! He said he doesn't know how
soon it will happen, but he wants it to happen. We are so pumped! Then
we asked his son Jacob if he wanted to be baptized and he said yes! We
are so excited! Though I don't think they will be baptized while I'm
serving in this area, I know they will be someday, and that's what

That leads me to my testimony. I know this gospel is true. I know our
families can be together forever! I am so grateful I get to be with my
siblings for eternity. They are my best friends! I know it's through
the Book of Mormon that we find the Truth of all things. I love that
book more than I can express. It has changed my life! Let it change

I love you all, have a great week!

Elder Hall

I love this temple!!


Football game!


Lunch selfie with Elder Chen!                          That's a Christmas Coke Zero! Yay for Christmas!


Morning rainbow outside our door!

New Sherwood hoodie. Go Bowmen!