Monday, November 14, 2016


A tree the city cut down after beavers tried! Still haven't seen a
beaver here, but this is evidence they're here!


Hey everyone!! What a crazy week it's been in the world! Let's all be
thankful that we can follow a living prophet for guidance. That's all
I have to say about that.

***Amy Appreciation Paragraph***
Amy is the best ever. I just love Amy so much. You can't find a better
member in the Woodhaven ward. She is the coolest and the funniest.
When she leads the music Sunday I just feel the spirit so strong.
She is my soul sister. She does the best job at cutting hair and I
just can't believe  how lucky I am to know her. Amy is the best!

On Thursday we had zone conference. It was good except for the part
where it was 10 hours. Yeah that wasn't great. Elder Chen and I
laughed through the whole thing because president Ballard was up there
talking all day about things we need to do better and we have already
been doing everything that was said! It was so awesome to know we've
been doing what the Lord wants us to be doing. I love President
Ballard so much. We are made from the same stuff. Every time he talks
it's like, "amen brother!"

Friday I learned a lot about myself. Some events happened within our
district of missionaries and instead of me losing my patience and
exploding, I was able to step back, take a deep breath, and handle the
situation. It was a big deal for me.

Saturday we helped move a lot of people! 5 moving trucks were unloaded
and loaded. Brother Werle (our ward mission leader) and I were the
designated piano movers. I've gained a reputation for being the ward
strong man now. I'm not complaining though! I love being the buff guy.

This week I have been missing my Buster Bluth like none other! Man
what I would give to have him here with me. I thought other dogs up
here would help, but that usually makes me miss him more. Love you

Yesterday was the primary program! I loved every second. All those
kids bearing testimony makes me emotional! I felt the spirit so strong
when they started to sing "Gethsemane" what an incredible experience.

Earlier this week, we had a lesson with Matt and he said he wanted to
get baptized before I get transferred! Transfers are December 5th so
we asked if he would be ready by then. He said yes! So then yesterday
he was at church and he loved it! Everyone was so kind and friendly.
Then last night we went over, and set a date! He will be baptized on
December 3rd!! We are so excited for him!! You know in the scriptures
when it says how great will be your joy in bringing even one soul unto
me? I can't even describe that joy. I am so excited!! December can't
come fast enough!! What an incredible thing to see someone find God
and His restored gospel!

I know this church is true! Have an incredible week!

Elder Hall


Mount hood from our area! It's an hour away, but you can still see it!

This is Paisley, the dog that found my name tag last week!

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