Monday, November 21, 2016


Bridger, the one pedal wonder!

Hello from the Oregon sunshine! (Also known as rain) It's been a
whirlwind of a week. I can't believe it is already a new week, and
Thanksgiving on top of that! We had a good week.

Last Monday, I taught Elder Chen how to throw a football! We played
catch for a good hour. I felt like a proud dad! My little grasshopper
is growing so fast! Haha we joke because he's 5 years older than me
but I'm almost two and a half of him.

Wednesday we got to go to the temple! I was so excited because it
was my first time going to the Portland temple. What a gorgeous temple
it is! It is so unique, and lives up to its title of "the gem of all
temples" given by President Monson. I have missed the temple so much,
I was almost giddy walking in! The peace and comfort you feel there is
unexplainable. I love the temple!!

Thursday we went on exchanges. I had an Elder come to Woodhaven and
Elder Chen went to another area for the day. The Elder I had was
special needs and it was a lot of fun! He is here only for a short
time until he goes home.

Friday was so fun! It was thanksgiving dinner at the senior center. I
love all those old people! They are always putting a smile on your
face. I am so grateful for them. After serving at the center, we went
to help the local food pantry. Gerry and Dotty are the chairs of the
pantry, and we see them quite often helping with different things.
They have become dear friends! I love them so much. They have taught
me how to be grateful for all that I have. Later that night, we had
dinner with a member at their country club. It was amazing! I felt
like I was at Little America or something! They had a breakfast buffet
just like Little America, the one we always go to for Christmas! I
felt so fancy there, and it was gorgeous! After dinner, they took us
for a spin in his 2016 Jaguar F-Type sport. Holy cow I have got to get
me one of those!!

So Thursday my bike pedal broke off. There wasn't anyone available
to help us or take us anywhere to get it fixed, so I just kept riding
it. I rode that bike for two days on one pedal! I was doing pretty
good! Brother Werle (our ward mission leader who is awesome and become
a good friend) found out about it Saturday and said he would come
get us and take it to his house to fix it. He picked us up and drove
to a bike shop and said "don't worry, I'm paying. Let's fix your
bike!" They had everything on it ready to go, including some fixes I
also needed. I was so grateful for him and his kindness towards me!
After taking the bike home, he took us out to dinner with his family
to an amazing barbecue place called Buster's! It was so fun and SO
good. My heart is still so full from the good people of this ward. I
love Woodhaven!

Matt is getting ready for baptism in two weeks! We are so excited!!
December 3rd  can't come soon enough! Woo woo! I am so happy for him
and his decision to take this step towards his Heavenly Father. This
really is the true church! Just like the late Prophet Howard W Hunter
said, the greatest achievement in this life is to find God and know He
lives! That's true!

I am so grateful for this gospel. I'm beyond grateful for my
relationship with my Heavenly Father. I really am His son! Because of
this restored gospel, I get to be with my family for eternity. What a
blessing! We are so blessed to have this knowledge. The Book of Mormon
is true. It is not just a book. It contains the fullness of the
everlasting gospel and the love and happiness from our Savior. What an
incredible blessing! This church is true. I love it. Remember this
holiday season that we have all that we have because of our Savior
Jesus Christ.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Elder Hall

Selfie with the super moon

Dinner at the country club

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