Thursday, July 21, 2016


Hey everybody!

It's my first P-Day here at the MTC! I love it here! There have been so many incredible experiences I want to share with you guys.

Our district is so incredible. We have:
Elder Judd and Elder Reichmann, Elder Brunt and Elder Tonga, Elder Grigg and Elder Jones, Elder Whatcott and Elder Gray, Elder Wallace and Elder Ahleman, and Elder Comish and I! What an incredible group of men! We are truly blessed to be a district. We have something so special as a group. We get laughing and going and it is so funny! We are really bad at focusing sometimes. Elder Tonga says something or makes a face, I start laughing, everyone starts laughing at my laugh, Elder Judd says something stupid, and it's all over. We have so much fun, but we always have incredible spiritual experiences together too! What a blessing!

I hate spaghetti. The other day, I was so hungry, and all that there was for dinner was spaghetti. So I manned up and ate some spaghetti! The church must be true! 

So Sunday we as a district decided to go to choir because most all of us love to sing! Well we got there a little late, and they made us sit in the overflow that doesn't even face the same way and we were so far away! Well choir was horrible and not a choir. hahaha. Well anyways, they were like, ok the devotional is starting, elders just turn your chairs around. So we turned our chairs around to watch the devotional and we were on the 3RD ROW! We were so excited because sometimes general authorities come. Well we watched a talk by Elder Bednar that he gave a few years ago at the MTC. It's called the Character of Christ. So we watched that and changed our lives, and then the closing song starts and this guy starts motioning to stand up. So we stand up and ELDER BEDNAR WALKS IN. Keep in mind we are sitting only 10 FEET from the podium. It was so crazy! Our jaws dropped!!! So he came and just started talking to us as missionaries and sharing thoughts, and then he said, the next hour is yours elders and sisters. You can ask me any question you want. He was so frank and hilarious, it was awesome! Not anything like General Conference. What an incredible experience!!! It was so amazing. I won't ever forget it! He looked me right in the eye so many times, I totally felt the love of Christ just explode from him. 

Saturday night, I got on my soapbox about how much I hate Canadians... Well, On Monday, Elder Comish and I went to the MTC  store to get some things, and I paid for what I was getting in exact change. Without anyone saying anything, the cashier looks at me and says, "Elder, you don't need any change, but I feel like I should give you this Canadian penny. Have a good day!" The Lord heard me and told me I needed to change in a pretty miraculous way. I am proud to say I love Canadians now! I repented!

So the district next door to ours found a picture in one of their rooms of a girl. It looked like it was a girlfriend of an Elder that had stayed in that room before them. Well this district is a bunch of screw-offs that no one can stand. So of course, they started to worship this picture of this girl and named her Trish. They thought it was so funny, but I did not. So, I confronted their district leader, Elder Dewey, and we had some words. He got upset that I was trying to correct him, and I ended up sharing some very loud and strong words about two inches from his nose. He was trembling by the time I was finished. I spoke with enough power and fire I could have burned down the building. Let's just say that whole district doesn't get within a few feet of me now. Don't worry, I did apologize for yelling at him.

Elder Judd is in my district and has become one of my best friends. He is from AF and went to AFHS. I know, the church is REALLY TRUE. Well, he got pretty sick yesterday, and asked our teacher if it was ok that he got a blessing. She said yes. Without hesitation, Elder Judd asked if I would give him the blessing. I was so nervous, but I said yes. So, Elder Judd sat down and I said the blessing, with all 11 others of us with our hands on his head. It was a powerful and humbling experience to me, showing me that the spirit will flow through us when we ask with a sincere heart!

This is all I have time for today, but I know that this gospel is true. Jesus Christ really did die for us and suffer for our sins. Because of Him we are made whole.I know this is true! The Book of Mormon will change your life! Search the scriptures, and God will talk to you. 

I love you all! Keep the emails and letters coming! 

Elder Hall

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