Monday, August 15, 2016


Hey everyone! I can't even describe how long/short this week has been.
It's been so hot here! Every day is between 85-95 degrees, and when
you add the humidity and the fact we are always biking or walking, it
is so hot! I honestly haven't stopped sweating since last week. Elder
Bang said that I should just get used to being wet for two years:
sweat in summer and rain in winter. That's ok though, I'm willing to

I really enjoy biking now! Never in my life have I actually ridden a
good bike, so it's been horrible. But my eyes are opened now! It
really is a great therapy to me to ride and feel the cool Oregon

The hard thing this week has been the fact that we have only one or
two people to teach. Most of our day is spent finding people to teach
either tracting or street contacting, but let me give you an idea of
what it's like here in Sherwood.

"Hello! We're the local missionaries! Have you ever talked to
missionaries before, or heard of the Mormons?"

"Yes, I've heard of Mormons, you guys are good boys. My neighbor is
Mormon. I'm Christian though, so I'm all good, but it's nice of you to
be caring of people to share God. I don't want your message, but I
have bottled water if you want one."

Either that or they open the door just enough to say no or go away, or
Sick their dog on you.

We did teach Frank this week. He's a minister in another church, and
is really interested in church history. He reads a lot online and
knows his bible inside and out. He has many many difficult questions,
but we always answer them somehow. It reminded me of Jesus and his
apostles in Matthew 10:16 "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the
midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as
doves." We invited him to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a true
prophet, and to know for himself, not just to learn more about another
church. I'm excited for that follow up!

The only other lesson we taught was with a family we found street
contacting. We were walking home the other night, and across the
street a little family was outside playing, and the mom said, "where
are your bikes?" We walked over and said it was too hot to ride, and
started talking to them. Their dog's name was Buster, so that really
broke the ice! I showed them a picture of my Buster and then they
asked why I left him, and Elder Bang and I got to share our
testimonies about the gospel. We shared a video used for Easter,
called #Hallelujah and the spirit was so strong! Just then, a bat came
swooping in out of nowhere right into our faces, and everyone started
screaming, and the spirit was gone. They quickly said goodnight, and
were inside their house and gone. I was so mad! The spirit was
testifying to this family, and then Satan attacks us with a bat! It's
frustrating. I can only hope the spirit pricked their heart enough to
want to know more.

Yesterday, we decided to stop by a less active/part member house. The
wife is a less active and the husband is not a member. Well, the wife
wasn't there, but the husband, brother Allen, let us in. We sat and
talked for half an hour, and even shared a Mormon message. He shared
his struggle with some recent nerve damage in his back, making him
unable to work and provide for his family. He said that three months
ago, he would have yelled at us to get off his property, but just
recently gained a witness that there is a god. He went on to say that
he prayed for the first time in his life the day before and asked God
to help heal him somehow. Elder Bang and I almost fell off the couch.
We were the answer to his prayer! He didn't know that, but we did! We
set up a time to come teach him more later this week! I'm so excited!

Last night, we had the opportunity to sit in on a mini conference
(only 40 of us) with Elder Robert C Gay of the Seventy. What an
incredible guy! I was beyond uplifted, and learned so much. It's
amazing how the Lord sends exactly what I need to hear every day. He
really does know me!

Also, I found out that my MMA fighter companion, Elder Bang, loves
knitting. He said he would knit me a scarf. I thought he was kidding,
but no, it's totally true. Even the tough guys have soft sides!

Anyway, here's some pictures!

Let me tell you, if we could baptize trees, we would never leave the
font! Half of Sherwood is wildlife conservation area, so there are
trees and plants and blackberry bushes everywhere. They serve as a
good snack! You literally walk 10 feet, and there's a ripe blackberry
bush. They are considered weeds here!

The church is true!

Elder Bridger Hall


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