Monday, August 22, 2016


My favorite members in our ward, the Jetts! Their little girls are SO cute!

Oh my goodness! It's Monday already! Happy school to my friends and
family! This week was one to never forget. Let's start with our

Tuesday we were tracting in the 105 degree heat, and decided to knock
on a part member family's door. The wife is inactive, and the husband
doesn't believe in God. When we knocked on the door, the husband,
Matthew, opened the door and invited us in. His wife, Helen, wasn't
there, but he invited us to sit down. We got to know him, as Elder
Bang and I had never met him. He told us of some struggles he is
having physically, and we shared a Mormon Message that talks about the
atonement and how it heals us. He watched it and told us he prayed for
the first time in his life the day before, asking God for help. Elder
Bang and I knew it wasn't a coincidence we showed up the next day! He
told us just recently he realized that God was real. We met with him
again yesterday, and he committed to reading and praying about the
Book of Mormon, and to pray about getting baptized!

I can't remember if I wrote about Laura, but she was a referral we got
and visited last week. This week, she came to the ward party, which
was awesome! She met so many people in the ward and made some new
friends! We taught her the plan of salvation, and she loved it! She
really wants to get baptized, so elder Bang and I prayed about a date,
and presented her with September 17th (my birthday!) and she said she
would pray about it. She is so awesome, and will probably get baptized
that day! (Pretty awesome birthday present for me too!!)

So the other day tracting, we knocked on a door, and a lady came out
and shut the door behind her. 99.9% of the time, that means something
real nasty is coming. She started bashing us real hard. She told us we
were following Satan, and that we worshipped Satan in the temple, and
that everything we believed was sending us to hell. I was upset.
You're supposed to walk away from those situations, but I have that
Batty blood, and couldn't choke it down. I stood and fought with that
lady for an hour on the doorstep. I was so offended, and I wasn't
leaving until she knew that I wasn't backing down. Eventually, Elder
Bang pulled me away, and told me to never do that again or he would
beat me up. I believe him, so I won't be doing that again. Plus it was

I love all of you so much! I'm so happy because I have the best
family, and I heard my boys won! Go VIKINGS!! But mostly because I
have a family that is trying to see Christ continually. That's not
easy nor common anymore. I love you guys so much!
#vikingpride #hallpride ❤️πŸ’™❤️πŸ’™❤️πŸ’™❤️πŸ’™❤️πŸ’™❤️

Zone conference was this week, and I have some cool pictures of
president Ballard! Also, I just took dumb pictures and video this
week, so enjoy our dumb boy pictures and videos. Haha love you all!

I know that Christ lives! This gospel is amazing! Have a great week at school!

Elder Hall

President Ballard in action

Me and Elder Bang in a ridiculously small car.

The video is of a GIANT toad we found in a marsh.

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