Monday, February 13, 2017


Driving the truck!  Woo Woo!


I saw the sun this week. And it was incredible!!!! Holy cow I loved
every minute of it. I'll get to that in a minute though!

This week was so fun. We hit the ground running and it was amazing.
Tuesday we went on exchanges with the the zone leaders! I stayed here with
Elder Mortensen and Elder Hewitt went to the YSA with Elder
Hutchinson. The Bethany Ward Elders were sick so we got to use their
truck! It was amazing because not only were we driving in a truck, I
was the driver!! I got to drive the truck for three days until the
other Elders got better. It was the best ever! It was pouring rain all
three days and who didn't care? This guy!! Someday I'll have a car
area and it will be amazing. #blessed

We did some service on Thursday for another church in the area. They
were having a huge fancy dinner for the homeless, open bar and all!
The lady in charge was frazzled and she didn't know what she was
doing. I made a suggestion or two and she kept saying, "that's a
really good idea! How did you know that?" I told her my family has
been doing events for years and it's second nature for me. Right then
she handed me all of the papers she was looking at and asked me to be
in charge. So I took over. We had 12 other missionaries there and we
went to work. I rearranged the whole venue and got it ready in under
an hour, thanks to my work force. She was stunned at how quickly,
efficiently, and happily we worked together. She wrote down all of our
names so she could tell our superiors how amazing we were. I hope she
gives President Monson a call! Haha I just love being able to use my
talents and skills to bless other people. #blessed

A 13 year old girl in the ward next to ours passed away unexpectedly
last Tuesday. Her mom went in to wake her up for school and she was
gone. It's been a big hit to the community and the wards here. The
youth are so close. So, we did our usual sports night Thursday to
help the kids forget their mourning for a bit and have some fun. These
kids amaze me. They really are incredible. They'll never realize how
much I look up to them! #blessed

We found a caterpillar in the church building this week and I decided
to raise him as my own. I've named him Buster Jr. and he lives in a
Tupperware container. People tell me he will become an ugly moth, but
I have faith he can be a butterfly! He's under raps though, because we
aren't supposed to have pets! I'll include pictures! #blessed

This week was dog walking week for us. We thought, hey that might be a
great way to meet some new people! On Friday we walked our Bishop's
dog, Juno! She is a big sweetheart and reminds me a lot of my Buster
Bluth. It was so fun! We talked to a lot of people walking their dogs.
So, we tried again Saturday! This time each of us got a dog. Elder
Hewitt got Grundle, the sweet old dog who poops a lot. I got Geneva,
the crazy wild puppy who doesn't realize her strength. Well, we saw
lots of people and really enjoyed the sunshine! However, Geneva pulled
me through a few mud puddles and I so regret not taking pictures
because I was covered head to toe! I loved walking a dog again though,
I've really been missing my own pup back home. #blessed

Church yesterday was so so good. It was Ward Conference and the spirit
was so strong. We sang some awesome hymns, some of my favorites! We
sang Scatter Sunshine and I couldn't help but to sing it the old Keith
Allred way hahaha (that was for you Maddie!) I was just so grateful
for this incredible ward I'm serving in. #blessed

You never know how incredible sunshine is until you don't have it for
forever. This week it finally came out to say hello and it was
beautiful. Everyone we talked to on the street was notably happier,
and while they didn't want to listen to us, they weren't mean about
it! It was amazing! I'm so thankful for the sunshine. #blessed

As you can see, these are just a few things I've been #blessed with
this week. I hope you can look at your own lives and find the things
that make you feel #blessed. There are often too many to count. I love
my Savior, I love this gospel, I love the sunshine, I love my family
(Buster included). Have an amazing week!

With love,
Elder Hall


Driving the truck!  Woo Woo!
This little Asian man fishing at the local pond with like a 40 foot pole!  It was nuts!


Green grass and it's February!  I love Oregon!          Buster Jr is alive and well!

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