Monday, February 6, 2017


Best Friends!!!

Hello everybody!!

It's been a cold, wet, miserable, wet, windy, wet week. It hasn't
stopped pouring rain for like 6 days now. It's the best weather for
riding bikes! I love getting splashed by the tri-met bus as it drives
by! President says you can either laugh or cry about a mission and
crying sucks. So we laugh about it! This week was a little slow,
mostly because no one wants to talk to two soaked missionaries.

Tuesday is pantry day and I love it! It is just where I am meant to
be. I love people! The normal lady in charge (her name is Nancy)
wasn't there and they were scrambling because no one there knew what
she did. Luckily, us missionaries knew! For some reason I was put in
charge. It was amazing! By time Nancy arrived, we had taken care of
everything. She couldn't believe it! I told her that we make things
happen, and that she could always count on the missionaries. There
were tears in her eyes as she threw her arms around me. I love being
the Lord's servant!

This last Wednesday was Zone Conference!! It was so fun! Elder Hewitt
and I sang and Sister Ballard accompanied. It was awesome! And the
best part? The Cedar Mill Zone was combined with Hillsboro and
Beaverton West. You know what that means? I got to sit next to Elder
Wilcock all day!! It was so fun! We had the best time catching up,
reminiscing, and laughing our heads off at old inside jokes. I love
being in the same mission as my best friend!

Friday was a snow day even though there was no snow... So we set up a
sports day at the church for any youth who wanted to come. It was so
fun! I LOVE the youth! They are incredible missionaries and great
friends. I hope Heavenly Father can help them feel how much I really
do love them.

Saturday we got to split wood for the Rutledges! I love that
family. They are the best missionaries! They have become dear friends
who I will always cherish. They are the fellowshipper for one of our
investigators, Des. We had a lesson with her Thursday night and the
spirit was so strong! We talked about the Godhead and how Heavenly
Father answers our prayers. It was so tender to see how bad things can
change to be good things because of the spirit. We invited her to be
baptized and she said she would! She feels like it will be a long ways
off, but we know baptism isn't a destination, it's the entrance! So we
are excited to help her see how close she really is to baptism!

The Super Bowl was yesterday, as some of you may know. Well, guess how
many people want to see you on super bowl Sunday? NO ONE. Not even
members. So we spent the day with Brother Deming! He doesn't watch NFL
so we went over and enjoyed the afternoon together. He told us stories
of his past (they are crazy) and we sang songs around the piano. He
was shocked when I knew pretty much all of the songs out of his
songbook of the 1940s. Hahaha I am so old inside.

Let me explain the subject this week. First off, my comp doesn't know
how to keep a clean anything. I seriously feel like a mom cleaning up
after him. Mom, you would be so proud of me our apartment is ALWAYS
clean! I actually enjoy cleaning though, it's refreshing! Literally!
Secondly, everyone keeps calling me. There's been a lot of sick
missionaries this week, and they don't want to call the mission nurse
so they call me. Every time I ask why they called me they say, "I just
figured you probably would know what to do." Well, thanks to my
mother, I actually did know what to do for everyone hahaha! Thank you
for teaching me all that you have mom!

Well, I hope you all have a great week! Stay dry! Say hello to the sun
for me! I haven't seen it in awhile!

And a shoutout to my cousin Abby! Happy Birthday!! Love you!

With love,
Elder Hall

The best doormat I've ever seen.

Checking to see if there's any good fishing in the fountain of our
apartment complex. There's not.


Who posed better? Me or the lion?

Finally got a picture of Jesus on our apartment door

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