Monday, January 30, 2017


Zone Capture the Flag!

Hey everyone! This week has been so so good, besides finding out my
whole family is going to Disneyland without me. You better eat a
frozen banana and ride the tram for me!!

We served at the pantry Tuesday and it was crazy! What was supposed
to be only two hours turned into 5 hours. They couldn't believe we
were willing to stay and help. It was a little gross because they had
an entire pallet of milk tip over in the box truck and it covered
EVERYTHING. That was quite the adventure.

I'm sure you all heard about the daily schedule change!! It's been
really really weird getting used to it. The worst news is that they
shortened lunch to half an hour. The best news is that P-day has been
extended 2 hours. It's really exciting stuff! Living through history!

Interviews with President this week. Despite him being a Ute fan, we
are made from the same stuff. We always get a little distracted
talking about football... he's always shocked at how much I know about
current teams and things. He asked me how I know so much and I say, "I
have my ways President. Don't worry." He always smiles and says, "I
don't need to know, just don't tell me and we won't have a problem."
Haha I love him so much.

This ward. Man, I love this ward! The youth here are some good friends
now! President told us to get in good with the youth, and boy we have.
We text them all the time, they text us, we go to mutual, we play
sports with them, they are so awesome. I love it!

Our investigators are doing so good! We have two that are very close
to baptism. Keep praying for them! I'm so happy for them and the
decisions they are making to come closer to the Savior.

That's all for this week, but I want to share a thought that was shared
in sacrament meeting yesterday. The speaker was talking about having
trials in life and praying for help. In speaking about answers to our
prayers he said, "Sometimes He says no, sometimes He says not yet, and
sometimes He says I love you." Heavenly Father will ALWAYS answer our
prayers, but we have to be willing to accept His answer. It's my
prayer that you can keep your heart open and listening to your Father
in Heaven. I love you all, have a good week!

Elder Hall


Selfie with my happy light!  Thanks Dad!
Selfie with my 5lb bag of chocolate raisins!  Thanks Dad!

Dinner with the Rutledgte family and our investigator, Des!
Portland sunrise from our apartment!

This super cool plant thing we found.  Took this picture with my ipad.

My spirit animal, Lola the dog.  She is the funniest little thing!

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