Monday, January 2, 2017


A ward member's truck that is my dream truck.

Hey everyone! Happy New Year!! It's winter here. It is SO COLD. (By
cold I mean Oregonian cold so like 30 degrees) I've aclimatized so I'm
no longer that Utah Eskimo where 30 degrees is shorts weather. It was
a long week, but we made it through!

Last Monday, a member in our ward took us to the Nike Employee Store!
(The Nike world headquarters is just a mile or two away and everyone
and their dog works there.) It was super cool! The only way you get in
is a special pass and each employee only gets 5 a year. They have all
their products at half price and you get a personal store member that
assists you in picking out merchandise. It was so rad! I got a sweet
pair of Jordans so I can school everyone on the basketball court now!

On Wednesday we knocked doors all day. Well we did that every day...
but we found a woman named Qing, a Chinese lady from Shanghai just
like my boy Elder Chen! It was cool that I could talk a little about
it to her with the knowledge I got from being companions with my
little grasshopper. She was really interested so we are going back
this week to teach her and her family! I'm so pumped!

We knocked doors and contacted people all day every day this week with
no new investigators. It's been a tough week, but we aren't giving up.
There is something great on the horizon if we just keep trying!

Saturday night we couldn't go anywhere unless we were invited and no
one invited us or the Bethany Ward Elders. So we partied it up and
went to Krispy Kreme for some Hanukkah donuts! It was a lot of fun.

As this new year starts, I hope everyone has the chance to look ahead
to new beginnings and better things. Remember the Savior will be your
guide! Have a great week!

With love,
Elder Hall


Hanukkah donut!                                              Westview and Bethany donut New Year's Eve party!

Football Donut!

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