Monday, January 23, 2017


The snowman wasn't too interested.

Hey everybody! It's been a slow week filled with lots of rain. It's a
short one this week, not much going on!

Tuesday was so miserable! It was still super snowy on the ground but
it was pouring rain all day. We were about to head home but we decided
to knock one more door. It was a 90 year old man named Ernie. He
invited us right in and listened to our message. He told us how he
listens to Music and the Spoken Word every Sunday. The Motab is his
favorite! He wasn't sure how much he wanted to learn, but he sure
liked us and was happy with our company. I love old people!!

Wednesday night we went to mutual with the teachers quorum. They are
all so funny we have a great time! Elder Hewitt and I got to judge
their Dutch oven cook-off. It was pretty bad. Now we know why the
leaders wanted us to judge so badly.

Thursday we found a new investigator! Her name is Shelley and she
is so awesome. She has the classic questions and sincere interest in
the Book of Mormon. We are stoked to teach her more!

Friday was Inauguration Day as some of you may know. It was an
exciting time here in the liberal state of Oregon. Shoutout to the
Motab singing! It was great! I love America!!!! Our dinner appointment
called and asked if we could come early, but dinner would be like two
hours. When we showed up, the whole house was decked out in USA decor.
The member of our ward had found the official White House recipes for
the Inauguration Ball dinner, and had made a dinner fit for a
President! It was incredible!! It was so cool to think we ate
literally the exact same meal as the President of the United States
did. It was a SUPER FUN tradition they do for the inauguration! I
would add a little Linda Parry flair though, and probably add the star
spangled banner and a short program with dancing to finish it off.

Saturday I was on exchanges with Elder Mobley in the 5 Oaks Ward. He
and I played against each other in high school football! It was so fun
to talk about the games and all the different guys we both knew. We
went out and found 5 new investigators for their area! It was so
awesome! We taught a Muslim man about the Book of Mormon and he wanted
to really read it! It was so sweet. I'm excited to hear how they all
turn out.

Anyway, that's all I have for this week! Love you, hope you stay warm
and dry! The church is true. The Savior is real. He loves you.

With love,
Elder Hall

Me and Elder Mobley on exchanges!

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