Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Using some real life police riot shields!

Hello from Oregon! We've had just absolutely gorgeous weather. It is
so nice, but I don't know if the 8 months of rain is worth it!

Last week we went to the metropolis of Molalla to the good ol' Molalla
Bowl for Elder Erskine's birthday! We enjoyed playing some arcade
games and some games of bowling.

We taught Dax this week and he is such a great kid! He said the prayer
at the end of the lesson and it was so funny. He said, "Bless us to
get our protein and vitamins A, B, and C, and help us to get enough
potassium so we don't get cramps." I loved hearing his sweet testimony
through his prayers that God would help all of us.

It was Elder Erskine's birthday Tuesday! I made him breakfast and
took him out to lunch. He is a good companion, I'm glad to have him.
We also taught these two YSA aged girls, and they couldn't see how the
Bible was imperfect, thus a need for the Book of Mormon. It was
frustrating, but I know they felt the power of our testimonies as we
bore them. They decided to not be interested, but the spirit was felt
and the seeds were planted. Maybe someday they will come around.

Later Tuesday we got asked to help move a pool table. We showed up
with two guys from the ward and that was it. If you don't know, pool
tables can weigh up to 1,000 pounds. The four of us hefted and pushed
and schemed to move that freaking table. It took us about an hour, but
we got it off the trailer! Hahaha we were able to move it into the
garage but that was all we had in us. It gave us a lot of laughs and
some fun memories!

Wednesday was a sad day. A companionship in my district got emergency
transferred after some issues with some of the ward members. My
district is down to 3 companionships now. It was hard to lose them,
especially after all the bonding we went through together. Their area
was absorbed into the other elder's area, and hopefully it will
continue to flourish. They will be missed.

On Thursday we helped a little non member lady move boxes out of her
house. She was moving to St. George and finally called in "those
dressed up Mormons" as she called us. After an hour of moving boxes
from the second floor to the garage, we were soaked to the bone in
sweat. I couldn't hold in my laughter after I learned 75% of the boxes
we moved were full of beanie babies. It was so great.

We had a lesson with our new investigator Homer, and his son Cory.
Never had I seen someone more eager to read the Book of Mormon and
find the answers they were looking for. With Homer losing a son and
brother in the last 8 months, and Cory's wife having a baby just a few
days earlier, their hearts are very prepared for the gospel. We are
very excited to continue teaching them!

It was so freaking boiling on Saturday. The farmers market is a big
task, now that we lost a companionship and the other sisters are in
the visitors center on Saturdays. We worked hard, and got the job
done. I'm not a fan of the no A/C thing in Oregon. At 10::30 pm our
apartment was a stifling 85 degrees and we couldn't put the fan in the
window because the neighbor was smoking weed... haha it was pretty

We took our 11 year old investigator Andrew to get him some Sunday
clothes. He was thrilled! No one had ever done anything like that for
him before. He was so happy. When we got to the register, the lady
took 50% off of our purchase. It was such a tender mercy! The next day
when he came into church, he was strutting around so proudly. We are
so excited for him to get baptized on August 5th!

This week has been full of ups and downs, but in the end, I'm grateful
for the Savior and His sacrifice. I look forward to the day I get to
see my Savior again. I know this gospel is true!

With love,

Elder Hall


Stylin in some HUGE sunglasses in Freddies!   Laser tagging as a ZONE!


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