Monday, September 11, 2017


Me saying how much I love chips mid sentence!  Hall's love their chips!

Hey from Oregon this week!!! The fire is out and it rained a little
bit! It was so nice!  Well, we didn't have a ton go on this week, so it
will be fast.

Last Monday we went roller skating! It was terrible and I'm still so
bad at it. I did NOT enjoy myself.

We had interviews with President Bullen on Wednesday and it was so
great! We had a really fun time doing some training in the morning and
then interviews were so good. I love President so much! He is amazing.
I'm so glad I get to work so closely with him!

On Friday we went with the bishop to see our investigator Jordan. He's
been struggling with some things but is such a champ! I love him!!

I'm sorry this has been so short! It's been a crazy day and I don't
have much time. I love you all so much!

Elder Hall


Doing training with President Bullen


This is a true Rainbow Trout.  We found a floating neighborhood!  It was super ritzy!



We found a bench in the middle of nowhere

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