Monday, September 4, 2017



Homemade Sunday dinner!

Hey everybody! I'm excited to tell you all about my week, it was
weird. Seriously, what a weird week. Sorry, it won't be super long
though.  Funny enough it was a pretty normal week with just a few

It's still super, super smokey out here Today you can look at the
sun and it doesn't hurt your eyes. Praying for relief!

This last Tuesday we got to go to the temple for a session! It was
just the most peaceful incredible morning. The temple grounds were
absolutely stunning! It was fun to have our zone all together in that
holy place. It's always a treat when we get to go! I wish it was more

On Friday we were on exchanges and I had Elder Jensen, a greenie, with
me here in Alder Creek YSA. I had to laugh at the things he did and
the ways he acted. The whole time I just thought about how I was when
I was a greenie. Man, I thought I was king of the world back then and
that's just funny. I was an idiot. I've come a LONG way.

Anyway, on Friday night we were in a leadership meeting at the
Sellwood building. This church was built in the early 40's and is so
spooky. It's the one with the tower I climbed up in a few weeks ago if
you remember. Well, I was standing at the front talking with everyone
facing me and a big window behind them. As I was speaking, a very
large white figure very fluidly went past the window. I kinda freaked
out and everyone thought I was being stupid, so we kept going with the
meeting. As Elder Lott was in the front talking, he went white all the
sudden and said he saw the same thing I saw. We decided to go outside
and investigate. The window was covered in bushes and placed between
two walls, with no possibility of walking past it like this figure
did. In short, I'm pretty sure we saw a ghost. So yeah, that was

Sunday night was crazy. We went to church and had a lovely
Sacrament meeting and classes. It's amazing that we can get so much
out of church! Well, we knew we didn't have a dinner, so Saturday
night we prepared and bought stuff to make food. We found a recipe for
a dish you get at Macaroni Grill.   A pasta Romano dish. We made it for
dinner yesterday and it was incredible!! We were also amazed that the
only thing we had to borrow was a pot. Missionary apartments are not
usually well equipped with anything really.

Well then the evening came. We got home from working and being out and about and
had just changed into our pajamas. We were sitting, just enjoying our
personal time, when BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG!! Gunshots. Fairly
close. We sat in silence and listened as we counted over 30 gunshots.
We turned our lights out and hunkered down low. Gunshots kept going
off every minute or so. Then we heard a negotiator on a loud speaker.
A guy in an apartment across the street had a few felonies and when
they went to arrest him, he barricaded himself in the house and
started shooting, threatening to kill police and then himself. We
called President Bullen and let him know what was going on and that we
were safe. We didn't feel threatened, so we just went to bed. We found
out today that no one was injured and the guy ended up surrendering.
All in all, the standoff lasted over 10 hours. We are sure glad no one
was hurt! Way to go Milwaukie PD for doing a great job!

I've been really missing my family this week, I won't lie. When it's
Fall, my favorite season, football is in full swing, my little nieces
and nephew are so big, I miss them all. But, perhaps more important
than a physical storehouse is a storehouse of happy memories. When the
times are tough and things are lean, dip into that storehouse of happy
memories. I've dipped in there quite a bit this week, but thank
goodness I've got QUITE the storehouse. I love you all so much! Have a
good week,

With love,

Elder Hall


Found a great sign up in Sellwood.  Trying on the neighbors ENORMOUS glasses!

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