Monday, August 28, 2017


Once again, I love burritos!  I found a sushi burrito!!!  It wasn't as good as home, but I was still happy!

Hey there from Oregon everybody!! It's been a really slow week, so
unfortunately it won't be a very long email...

On Tuesday we had Zone Conference and it was so good! It was a lot of
fun to lead the training for all three zones there. President Bullen
said he was happy he asked me and Elder Lott to do it because it was
funny and entertaining as well as useful and helpful. I'd like to
thank my mom for teaching me how to teach doctrine in a way that
people will understand it. People are funny. If you bring out the
eagerness to learn they had when they were nine years old , you
successfully teach them something. Learning should always be exciting
and fun.

We had to drive to Beaverton AGAIN this week, but we finally got our
phone fixed so it was worth it! I'm getting really skilled at driving
in downtown Portland. Elder Lott says I can work on the road rage, but
I haven't sworn one time yet so I call that success!

We weekly planned down at the river this week and it was gorgeous!! We
also spent our morning with our zone down at the river skipping rocks
and feeding ducks and geese. It was a ton of fun!

Sorry this is a short one this week, it's just been crazy and there's
a lot I can't write about right now! My thought is pretty simple.

Vision without work is dreaming
Work without vision is drudgery
Vision with work is destiny
Be someone that has a destiny, not a destination.

I love you all so much! Keep the faith, and have a good week!

With love,

Elder Hall


Willamette River adventures!  This is lamb over rice and it is amazing.


What your garbage looks like when you're in a YSA ward!  My Yoda impersonation!


My Hans Solo impersonation!  My new favorite place, Super Burrito Express! I love burritos!


Milwaukee Zone at the Clackamette River Park.   A giant rock in downtown Portland.


A lamb gyro and a cold Diet Coke.  Is there anything more perfect?

More Willamette River adventures!

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