Monday, December 18, 2017

Beav West Baby!

Playing Santa!

Hey everybody! I hope you are enjoying the Christmas season and having fun as you #LightTheWorld this year! Our luck has run out unfortunately, and the sun is gone. It’s been cloudy and rainy this week, but it actually feels like winter now so that’s a plus!

So, as you can see in my title, I’ve been transferred from Milwaukie to Beaverton West! I’m now in the Farmington ward with Elder Wallace. It has been incredibly hard to leave my Milwaukie-ites in the promised land, but it’s ok because the Beav West is going to be the promised land on this side of the river!

It really has been a whirlwind of a week and I’m not sure I’ve got a ton to write about, so don’t be upset if this is short!

We had a good week of finding. Lots of door knocking! It was a lot of fun though because we went caroling with our ward missionaries and had tons of success! We made shortbread, marked copies of the Book of Mormon, and rehearsed our caroling repertoire before going out and meeting so many amazing people! This area is going to be full of miracles I can feel it!

On Saturday we went to the Woodside’s house, an amazing family in the ward! We played with their Weimaraner named Grady and I was in heaven! I miss having my pup so much! The Woodsides also have 10 Nigerian dwarf goats that we built a pen for and then took on a hike! New bucket list item, own Nigerian dwarf goats! Oh my heck they are so fun!! I’ll have to take pictures next time! 

We had to play Santa Claus for a little bit today and deliver a bunch of packages in our zone. It was crazy how many we have! I’ll send a pic of them with me and Elder Wallace for comparison. 

The other night, Sister Valencia in my new ward was talking to us about her mission. She served in Denmark. I got excited because I’ve been reading about the my Danish ancestors, the Nielsens, on FamilySearch! She left and came back with this super cool Christmas tree and said she got it in Denmark and she wanted me to have it. It’s so cool! Family history rocks!

I’m glad to be here serving the Lord and learning what He needs me to learn. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! 

With love,

Elder Hall 


Saying goodbye to Milwaukie Zone


My Danish Christmas Tree                                A small taste of my new area!

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