Monday, October 31, 2016


My new companion Elder Chen

Happy Halloween from Oregon!

This week was a tougher one. I got my new companion, Elder Chen. He is
from mainland China, a "small" city of 500,000 people named Jongchu.
That's my guess at spelling, I'm not sure. He found the gospel when he
was 19 on a two year student exchange trip to Italy. In Pisa, he was
taught the gospel and baptized! Now 5 years later, he was finally able
to get permission from the Chinese government to serve a mission. It's
been interesting as he has only been serving one more month than me,
so we are both pretty new and trying to figure out what the heck we
are doing still. President told us he is placing a lot of trust in us
to do well even though we are both so young in the mission.

Our cultures are VERY different. Elder Chen grew up in communist China
and I grew up in good ol' PG with the most patriotic family I've ever
met. Go America! So, this week was a very big learning experience for
me that still continues. His English is patchy, and he takes
figurative language very literally so I have to be careful with what I
say. Our personalities can clash at times, which proved to make a
rough start, but we are both willing to put in the work!

We taught Matt and Laura this week and both lessons had an incredible
spirit! Unfortunately neither of them came to church, which was
disappointing. But we aren't giving up! Elder Chen and I are both
dedicated and anxious to find more people to teach. We have kicked
into high gear this week, working very hard with the members! I'm
excited to see what happens. It's time to turn the Woodhaven area

I hope everyone has a good Halloween! Yesterday we were told our
costumes were absolutely amazing and then offered to come party with a
ton of drunk people. We told them we were the real deal and they were
like, "right on guys! You can still come join us!" We declined
unfortunately. Halloween may be's P-day, but we
can't be out after dark. Oh well, it's not like anyone would be
interested in talking anyway!

I was reading some of my family history on FamilySearch and found an
awesome quote from my third great grandfather, Nelson Merkley Sr. He
said, "boys, you need to work while you work and play while you play."
I love that! Someday I'll have that on my wall. If we focus on the
work and save the play for later, we will be successful. If we play
hard when we are supposed to, we can have fun and be happy!

I'll end with my testimony that I know God lives. He know us, and
loves us. Turn to Him and pour out your heart. He hears you. Remember
God called the Prophet Joseph by name. He knows you personally. Build
your relationship with Him. Study the Book of Mormon. It is so good
and truly the living waters of today.

I love you all! Thank you for the prayers and support! Now crank up
that Christmas music!

With love,
Elder Hall


The most vibrant rainbow I've ever seen! The picture doesn't do it justice.

Our new OPM shirts we got!

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