Monday, October 3, 2016


  My George Washington helmet hair. Haha it happens a lot. 

Hey all! I hope everyone enjoyed General Conference! I LOVED it. I'll get to that in a bit though. 

We taught Laura this week, and had a lesson about baptism. We brought some members over that have a son the same age as her son. They really hit it off, as 7 year old's usually do. Laura is doing so well! I'm praying she decides to get baptized! 

On Wednesday, we had dinner at a member's home who don't speak hardly any English. We had a difficult time understanding each other, but their willingness to serve and our many prayers got us through! It was a very fun night full of laughs and good Chilean food. 

We went on exchanges on Thursday, and I went with our district leader. It turns out that our personalities really don't match. I had a very difficult time getting along with him, and I'm thankful that it was only 24 hours. I'm still praying for help to get along though!

On Friday at the senior center, I dropped a bowl and it shattered. I "cracked" a joke and all those cute old people laughed and laughed! Later, a little lady came up to me and said, "thank you for breaking the bowl. It just reminded me that nobody is perfect, and we can still be happy if something goes wrong." I was so warm with emotion. We didn't teach anyone, but I know breaking that bowl was my good deed for the day.

Friday night we had dinner with some members. Their five-year-old Penny said to me, "Man, you have a big face!" I about fell over laughing! I guess I have a big face. Kids don't lie.

Now for General Conference!

On Saturday, we borrowed the projector from our ward mission leader and had some missionaries over to our apartment. We made a big breakfast and watched general conference. It was so fun. I swear, every word of this conference was for me. In the past, I've always gotten things out of conference, but this weekend I felt like every speaker had a whole paragraph that was written just for me. It's funny how the Lord knows just what you need to keep going, and He gives it to you in the exact moment you need it most. 

Yesterday, we watched conference with Matthew at his house. He really liked it! Later after conference, we played games with some members. We ended up playing Bean-Boozled, a game with jellybeans. The game is there's a good flavored bean and a bad flavored bean but they look the same. You can get peach or vomit, Chocolate or dog food, Banana or dead fish, Coconut or rotten milk, etc. well, I ate dog food, vomit, dead fish, and rotten milk. It was so funny, I've never laughed that hard! The downside is that I'm still tasting them today. It was so fun though! 

My favorite thought comes from the first talk of the Saturday morning session of conference. Sister Carol F McConkie told a story about President Eyring and his father. Although in terrible pain and uncertain of his days, the answer received from heaven as to why he was suffering was, "God needs brave sons!" Heavenly Father needs each of us, especially on our missions, to be brave! He needs us to face hardship and trial with courage, pressing forward without hesitation. I'm so grateful for these words. It may become my new motto! 

Thank you all for your prayers. I feel them every day! I hope everyone has a fantastic week. Love you all! 

Elder Hall

Our sweet conference setup! 

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