Monday, December 12, 2016


                   Me and Elder Hewitt

Hey there everyone! I hope everyone is having an incredible Christmas season!

So I'm here in Westview now… I love it! It is an incredible area, and
I already love my companion. Elder Hewitt and I had previously served
together in Sherwood, so we already had a great relationship. Now that
we get to be companions, it's pretty fun! He was comps with Elder
Wilcock when I got my call to this mission earlier this year too! We
will have a lot of fun this transfer!

On Wednesday my bike broke. It wasn't anything I could fix, the frame
broke! Thankfully I have a warranty on it and in the meantime a member
let me borrow a bike until I can get back to the bike shop to get mine
replaced. The bike they gave me is purple, just like my very first
bike on the mission! Haha I'll include a picture.

It's been bitter cold since Wednesday, we thought we might freeze on
our bikes, and end up looking like that statue that's at the MTC! (If
you don't know what I'm talking about, look it up that was a pretty
funny joke)

On Thursday the world shut down. It snowed 3 inches, and all the
missionaries got grounded in their apartments because of it. All of us
missionaries are pretty much from Utah and know how to drive in the
snow, it's the rest of Oregon that President Ballard worries about crashing
into us! So, we sat in our apartment. We didn't have any games or
anything, but we had a bubble blower and a view of a busy
intersection, so we watched bubbles freeze and people get stuck or
almost crash on the road for most of the day. We were bored out of our

Saturday and Sunday we had rain. Like, RAIN. We were practically
swimming! It was a lot of fun though, despite it being only 35 degrees
and being soaking wet.

Yesterday, there was 10 minutes of sacrament meeting left after the
speakers, so the bishop got up and called the new missionary Elder
Hall up to give us some remarks and finish the meeting. I was totally
not prepared and felt like a goober up there, but people said they
enjoyed it, so I'll roll with it!

I already love this ward. I'm so grateful I have a good companion that
I get along with. I know I'm right where Heavenly Father needs me to
be, and I can't wait to see what He has in store for me here. I might
die on my bike riding up one of these hills, but hey! Celestial glory,
right? Thank you everyone for your prayers and support! Have a Merry
Christmas season!

With love,

Elder Hall


Spot the Beaver!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

They are seriously bored!

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