Monday, December 5, 2016


Matt and his family!

Happy Christmas Time from Oregon! It actually snowed for a few minutes today!!

I'm getting transferred from the Woodhaven Ward to the Westview Ward!
Still no car, but that's ok. Biking is good for me!

We got to borrow the car for a day this week! It was so awesome!!! I
was in bliss!! Saturday was one of my favorite singer's birthday. Andy
Williams would have been 89! I was so mad because some other
missionaries stole my Christmas Andy Williams CD so I couldn't listen
to him on his birthday! Well we got in the car and while trying to
turn on a CD, the radio came on and what song just started? Andy
Williams's It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!! It wasn't an
approved song, but I didn't even care. It was a tender mercy!

What a week it's been. Our investigator Matt got baptized!! It was an
amazing day filled with the spirit and love. Elder Bang was able to
come back for the baptism and it was so good to see my old friend
again! I've missed him!

Matt's wife is a member and came up to me after the baptism to talk to
me. She said, "I never thought I would ever be able to have an eternal
family, and now it's possible. Thank you." We cried together, thankful
for the spirit that touched her husband's heart.

Yesterday, as Ward Members learned I was leaving, I got countless
texts, calls, and people coming up to me at church. This ward has
become my family! A piece of me will always be in the Woodhaven ward.
I'm going to miss this place!

While I received many gifts this week from members, friends, and
family, the best gifts have not been material.
Seeing Matt get baptized and confirmed.
Being able to be a vessel of the spirit for Matt and his family.
Seeing how happy Matt and his family are now with the restored gospel.
Feeling the love from this ward.
Knowing I will always have friends and family here in Sherwood.
Knowing the Lord is listening to my prayers.
Feeling the spirit and knowing what I'm doing is right and true.
This Christmas season.

My list could keep going, but these are some of my gifts I've already
been given, and I won't ever let them go. These are my most cherished
gifts this year. Heavenly Father really is always mindful of us and
what we need. I'm so grateful!

I hope everyone has a fantastic week and Christmas season! Happy
birthday to my mom this Saturday!  Love you!

Remember to check out and #LIGHTtheWORLD this Christmas!

With love,
Elder Hall

The baptism!

Elder Bang and I catching up.

We have a car!!!

It's snowing in Oregon!

This is my new sticker on my iPad case I made with helpfrom the Werles!

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