Monday, March 13, 2017


The sun came out for an hour or two this week!

Hey everyone! I don't have a ton of time today, but some incredible
things have happened this week!

I forgot to mention our MIRACLE that happened to us last Sunday! There
was a real rough looking guy that had come into church by himself. Now
for some people it's a little scary. For missionaries, rough people in
church is one of our favorite sights! He sat in on our lesson about
baptism and after we finished, he came up to us and asked, "Who do I
talk to if I want to learn more about your church?" His name is Mark
and he is homeless. He was driving around Sunday morning and he
felt like he needed to go inside our church building. We were so
happy! We set up an appointment for Tuesday at the church to meet with
him. Tuesday came around and we waited, we waited, and we waited. Mark
didn't show. We were so bummed! His phone was disconnected so we
thought that was the end of that.

Our boss lady at the Rock Creek Pantry we volunteer at is having her
baby soon! Because she's going to be out of commission for a bit, she
asked if I could take over for her while she's gone. I was humbled to
know that they trust me and my abilities to lead and get things done!
We are so excited to keep volunteering there!

Wednesday we were at mutual and about to leave when a member of the
ward came up to us and asked, "Elders are you teaching a man named
Mark?" The ward member had come to the church the night before and saw
a man sitting inside. He asked how he could help him and he said he
was looking for the missionaries. It was Mark! He had had some things
come up and couldn't make it to our appointment and then he could call
us because of his phone being disconnected, so he decided to just go
to the church. That's when our ward member was able to help him out!
What a miracle!! We are excited to keep teaching him!

Wednesday morning we got a call from our investigator Des. She was
crying and said she was in a lot of pain. We asked if she wanted a
blessing and she said yes! Her roommate doesn't like us and we can't
go in with two single women anyway, so we made a plan to meet in the
park. So, in the pouring rain, on the side of one of the busiest roads
in Washington County, Des sat on a utility box and we laid our hands
on her head and gave her a blessing. Immediately after saying amen,
she felt so much better and said, "thank you God and Jesus!" The
spirit was so strong. It was an incredible experience! Come to find
out Des has a serious problem with men getting close to her because of
some past experiences with abuse, so her letting us give her a
blessing was an amazing miracle!

Saturday was the Region 1 Oregon Battle of the Books competition! They
asked us to volunteer at it so we said yes, assuming we were just
going to be extra bodies. But, when we showed up they had us
moderating the battles! We were so intimidated! They handed us a 24
page handbook to learn and study in time to do the battle. It was
scary at first, but we got the hang of it and we ended up have a lot
of fun! It was even more fun when we got to moderate our investigator
Grace's team! She is the smartest 10 year old I've ever met.

Saturday afternoon we had the opportunity to meet with President
Tad R Callister, General Sunday School President. He was so amazing!
My mind was blown as he taught us from the scriptures. It was a cool

Sunday afternoon we walked out of our dinner appointment to hear
someone calling for us. We walked over to find a member doing some
hard core yard work for one of our potential investigators. He asked
for help, and boy did he need it! So, we rolled up our sleeves, tucked
our ties in, and went to work! It was a lot of tiring work and we were
a mess by the end, but boy we had fun! It makes my heart happy when we
do service for those in need!

I invite you all to feast from the scriptures. Don't just read them,
FEAST from them! You will be taught and blessed more than you can
imagine. I love you all so much!

And Happy Birthday tomorrow to Libby and Aunt Holly!!

With love,
Elder Hall


A tiny frog I found while doing yard work!

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