Monday, March 20, 2017


My caterpillar Buster Jr hatched into a beautiful moth! He now runs
free in the Oregon air.

Hey everyone! Hopefully I can write everything I want to! It's been a
crazy awesome week. Let me tell you about a few things!

Tuesday we went to the pantry as always. When we were walking out we
noticed two dump truck loads of dirt sitting in front of the Rock
Creek Bible Church. We went in and asked if they were going to need
any help moving all that dirt. This crazy old man told us that would
be great and handed us some shovels. Well, we didn't have anything for
the day planned, so we rolled up our sleeves and started to work. It
poured rain all day. I've never been so wet in my whole life. But, we
finished! Me, Elder Power, Sister Robinson, and Sister Nielsen worked
all day with 4 shovels and a wheelbarrow and we moved those two dump
truck loads! It was so fun. We looked like drowned rats after, but we
had a blast!

On Wednesday we stopped by the seminary to say hi. Brother Farmer, the
teacher came up to us and said he was grateful we followed the spirit
to come because he was feeling sick and wanting to go home. So, we
stepped in and taught seminary for the rest of the day! It was a ton
of fun! I LOVE these kids. They are good friends now. I can't wait for
them to start getting their mission calls!

Friday was the big day!! Elder Ballard came to the mission again!!
Grandpa Ballard is amazing. He really is a living Apostle on the earth
today. When we got up to shake his hand, I for some reason got put
first in line. It was awesome! Sister Ballard said she needed to get a
better picture so here I was standing, posing with Elder Ballard for a
solid 15 seconds. It was so awkward and hilarious at the same time!
Haha Elder Ballard and I had some very nice small talk. And you know
what? I'm pretty sure we still didn't get a picture hahahaha, oh man.

Well, Elder Ballard told some amazing stories, but he said something
that I really struck me and I wanted to share. He said, "Elders and
sisters, what an incredible place to serve your missions! Now, Oregon
has some strange people. I mean, REALLY STRANGE. But I hope you wake
up every morning at 6:30, look out the window and say, 'Look it's
raining and we are going to be persecuted all day! Isn't this
wonderful?' Boy, does it rain here!" Haha it turns out Elder Ballard
really hates rain. But, he is right. This work is wonderful! I'm
reminded of what President Ballard once said. "What we have, the world
desperately needs." We need to remember we have the restored gospel!
We have real truth on the earth! How amazing is that?! Share the
gospel with everyone around you. Don't be afraid! This really is

I love you all, and I'm so excited for my pal Alex Guymon to come to
the OPM! Congrats on your celestial mission call!

Love you all,

Elder Hall

Some beautiful trees in the sunset. Love this place!

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