Monday, March 6, 2017


Zoo Trip!

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn't write last week, it was a crazy day and I
didn't have much time! We had an incredible week this week!

First off, it snowed this morning for a bit. What? It's freaking
March! Just get warm already!

President called me last Saturday and told me Elder Power and I would
be companions and we were going to combine the Bethany and Westview
wards into one area. Two churches, two wards, two dinner calendars,
two everything! Life has been crazy!

My new companion. His name is Elder Power and he's from Queen Creek
Arizona, otherwise pronounced "QuinCrick". He's a cattle rancher, a
total cowboy complete with the accent and ropin' skills. He loves cows
and horses and everything in between. I love him to death!

So, I HAVE A CAR!!!! Probably the best thing of my life. We started
out this week with the truck, but had to give it back. Then they gave
us the Red Rocket! It is the AP's old car. We love it! It's a 2013
Toyota Corolla. I'll include a picture!

We went to the Oregon Zoo today, it was so fun!! I'll include pics.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we got to teach Seminary at Westview High! It
was so fun. Those kids just astound me. We had so much fun teaching
them. Elder Power brought out his cattle whip for the students and
they loved it! We laughed, we cried, and we felt the spirit. It was
hard saying goodbye to those kids! I have a feeling we will be back
there soon...

So we got assigned to be the elders over the downtown hospital, Legacy
Good Samaritan. It's 10 miles away, but you do what President tells
you! So, our service began when we got a call Thursday. A woman was
in the hospital and she had asked for the elders to come give her a
blessing. Her name was Nancy and she was from Washington and going in
for surgery soon. She was totally alone because she lived 100 miles
away and her husband is a disabled veteran. We visited for a few hours
and helped her feel more at peace. She asked if I could give the
blessing. The Lord promised her some neat things! When the doctor came
in, he asked who we were. She said, "Oh these are my dear friends
Elder Hall and Elder Power. They talk about my church. Would you like
to hear more?" She winked at us and we smiled. She was a neat lady!
She gave us her information so we could stay in touch.

Sunday rolled around and we went to both wards (luckily they slightly
overlap so it's only 5 hours of church instead of 6). We got a call
that there was a 77 year old lady asking for someone from her church
to visit her and she turned out to be Mormon so they called us. They
said it was urgent so we dropped everything and drove over as fast as
we could. Little Janet Rose looked so small in that great big hospital
bed. She told us she was dying and she was scared. The staff told us
she hadn't had any family come visit and she was going to pass away in
the next day or so. We walked into the room and she started to cry. We
didn't say any words for a long time, we just held her hands and sat
with her. I sang her hymns and squeezed her hand. Elder Power told her
all about church that day. We gave her a blessing of peace as she gets
ready to pass on. She opened her eyes and said, "He's here. He's right
there." We both knew there were angels in that room with us. We kept
holding her hand until she went to sleep. We didn't leave that room
with dry eyes.

As we were walking down the hall, we walked by the room Nancy was in
and peeked in. She was still there, so we stepped in and said hello!
She started to cry and said, "I have been praying for Heavenly Father
to send me familiar faces to visit." We sat down and visited for a
little while. When we had to leave, we said a prayer and gave her our
number and told her to call us if she needed another visit!

We had just walked out of the hospital doors when a lady came running
up to us and said, "Elders! We need you!" It was a relief society
president and she was visiting a sister. She had kept asking for a
blessing but the men of her ward weren't answering. The president felt
she needed to walk outside and the second she did she saw us. We
turned right around and went back upstairs to the room of Kamilyn, a
sweet lady battling cancer. We gave her a blessing and visited for a
little bit. She was so grateful to have a visitor.

My heart was full as we left the hospital. We had missed an
appointment and were late to dinner, but none of that mattered. We
were where the Lord needed us to be so we could bless His children.
Heavenly Father is mindful of us. He answers our prayers. He loves us.

I hope everyone has a great week! Don't ever forget you have a
Heavenly Father who is always thinking of you.

With love,

Elder Hall


Zoo Trip!!!



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