Monday, October 30, 2017


Hello there from Oregon! It has been a very Autumn weather week. Oregon this time of year really is breathtaking! I’m soaking in all the sun I can before the rainy season starts! It’s not too far off. Well, we had a pretty crazy miracle-filled week! I’m excited to tell you about it!

It all started last Monday. We went to lunch with Hannah and her little cousin she was babysitting and then played at the park in the beautiful Oregon sunshine! It was so fun. After that we headed over to the stake center to play some chair soccer with the zone. Normally, I’m a whiz at that game (I know, surprising isn’t it?) but after a little bit I felt really bad. I’d had a toothache for a few days but that just made it so much worse. I spent the rest of Monday pretending to be happy, but man I was in misery! We did an escape room for FHE and that was so fun! I’ll include pictures of it.

Tuesday I couldn’t take the pain in my mouth and now face anymore. I found out there was a dentist a block from our house that happens to be a member of the church and was willing to see me that day. So to the dentist I went! Dr Packham was an awesome guy! We all had some good smiles and laughs about the comedy that is missionary work. After examining my my mouth he discovered that the gums around my back molar were swollen and inflamed. No abscess thank goodness, but getting there. I know what you’re thinking, “ew Elder Hall doesn’t brush his teeth!” FALSE. I brush and floss every day thank you! Dr Packham said it was a result of not having regular teeth cleanings from the dentist because you know, I was too busy serving the Lord. 

It turns out getting your face poked and prodded, numbed, and assaulted by a dentist really takes its toll on you. So, Wednesday was spent relaxing, and weekly planning on the riverfront. We Skyped Hannah like we do every day and found out she was struggling just with life, as people do when they’re about to get baptized. We had an awesome lesson with her and helped her to feel better. She is so awesome!! Love you girl!

Now Thursday was a really awesome day! We had a pass off lesson with the OC Elders, so it was decided I would go to the lesson with the greenie and Elder White would go to our district meeting with the other Elder. Me and this Elder Greenie went to the lesson to find out it fell through. With our companions in a meeting for the next hour, I looked at him and said, “what are we doing Elder? I’m following your lead.” He looked so nervous. I told him it would be ok, I wasn’t going to write him a report card or something. We spent the next hour tracting. It may be the least effective thing ever, but we had a fun time getting to know each other and enjoying the weather!

After we switched back companions, Elder White and I went to meet a referral that was sent to us a few days earlier. He was just getting in his car to leave when we walked up. After a minute or two talking, he said, “Well, I’ve got to go. You’ve got 30 seconds to tell me why I should keep meeting with you and listening to what you have to say. Go.” Elder White and I layed out the restoration and the miracle of the Book of Mormon. He looked at us in disbelief and said, “I’ll start reading the Book of Mormon. Can you meet on Tuesday?” We were so pumped!! It was awesome!

That night we went to meet with another referral we got. We had spoken with her before and knew that there were no men in her house. We couldn’t find a man to go with us, so we prayed to know what we should do. We both felt that we needed to go prepared to teach anyway. When we knocked on the door we were greeted by Lucy, her sister, and their two guy friends! Not only was there a man in the house, they wanted to listen to us! We ended up having an awesome lesson with all four of them, Lucy, Daniella, Sir-James, and Todd-Miyo (yeah they were some sick that play college basketball). It was so awesome! We committed them to read the Book of Mormon and pray and they were all so pumped! 

After our sweet lesson with them, we still needed to find Hannah a ride for her baptismal interview the next day. We had been trying all dang day with no success! As we prayed, I kept thinking of the name of a girl in the ward that I’ve only met one time, and we weren’t sure if she even knew Hannah. We decided to text her anyway. She replied right away and said, “Oh my heck Hannah is so awesome, of course I’ll pick her up!” It was such a miracle! We had a pretty sweet dance party after that text!

Friday was so great. Hannah had her baptismal interview. She felt like she failed it and had accepted the fact she wasn’t going to get baptized. We were freaking out because she is so ready! FINALLY the word came that she was ready to be baptized. Hannah, Elder White, and I cried tears of joy!! We’re having her baptism on November 4th!!!

We spent the rest of that beautiful Friday at Clackamas Community College (CCC for short) handing out surveys and talking to college kids. It was awesome! Two guys that filled out our survey were interested in learning more and we set up a time to meet up! It was awesome! We finished off that day with our DLC meeting and some eggnog soft serve ice cream cones from Mike’s. WOW those things are amazing!

The rest of our weekend we spent volunteering at the Family History Conference in Milwaukie and at church with a VERY excited Hannah! We finalized things for her baptism and gave her a tour of the font. She is so ready!!

Sorry this one was super long, but know I love you all very much! Heavenly Father watches over us, and miracles are real. Have a good week!

With love,

Elder Hall


New do! Just kidding, it's a wig.      




Dentist!          Escape house!

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