Monday, October 2, 2017

May You See His Hand

The Think Geek store in the mall found my shield!

Hey there everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful week and thoroughly enjoyed #LDSconf because it was absolutely amazing! We just found out about the events in Las Vegas, and my prayers are with all that have been involved. What a terrible tragedy. I know that God has His hand in all things, and if we trust Him, He will guide us to where we need to be; spiritually, physically, and emotionally. I know that to be true because I’ve seen it in my own life, especially this last week.

It has been QUITE the week. 

This last Tuesday we had a lesson with our investigator Adrian. We were devastated as he told us he wasn’t ready to be baptized and asked us not to come back. Regardless of his choice to follow Christ’s example, he is still a good friend and I’m grateful to know him. 

Really fast, our whole zone is Sisters! Elder White and I are relief society presidents it seems. We are very excited though, because sisters aren’t idiots and they know how to work hard. Not to mention, they don’t even know what disobedience is. It’s going to be a very incredible transfer!

Also, really fast. Elder White and I are literally the exact opposite. I am a die hard PG guy, he is a die hard Lone Peak guy (bitter high school rivals). I am a loyal BYU fan, he is a loyal Utah fan (once again, bitter rivals). He is the oldest, I am the youngest. Despite our differences, we make a great team! We often have a good laugh about how much we would have hated each other in high school. He’s a great missionary and an even better friend. 

On Wednesday Elder White had to go to a new leader meeting in Cedar Mill, so I stayed back with the OC zone leaders. It was a blast to be with Elder Comish, my MTC companion, and Elder Guymon, a friend from high school! We had a fun day.

Thursday was incredible! We had MLC and my good ol’ pal Elder Blunck did the training. He taught about teaching skills and becoming a more effective teacher. There was a lot of discussion and a lot of very good action items were pulled from the meeting. 

That night, we went and taught Austin, our other investigator. We followed up with the Word of Wisdom, and if he had gained a desire yet. (If you remember my email last week, he could only pray for a desire to follow this sometimes difficult commandment). Austin replied that he hadn’t drank any of either tea or coffee since our last visit. What a stud!!! We were so pumped! We reviewed the Plan of Salvation with him and he not only remembered the three kingdoms, he remembered their order! I couldn’t do that until I was 17 and I grew up in this stuff! We are very excited for him to continue progressing.

We had even more meetings on Friday, with both district meetings and a district leader council meeting as well. The APs and Brother Webb, the high councilor over missionary work, came to the council and it was very good! We set a 4th Quarter goal of 20 baptisms as a zone. I know we can do it!  

On Saturday morning, while on our run (Yes, family. I actually run. I know, I know) we found a smartphone on the sidewalk. We picked it up and it had a lock on it so we couldn’t do anything. We decided to take it home and hope someone called it. Sure enough, after a few hours, someone called it and we were able to arrange a meet-up to give his phone back. We tried to teach him, but he wasn’t having any of that. In fact, he offered to buy us beer as a thank you. We respectfully declined. 

We spend the morning session of General Conference with Brother Webb and his wife. We played an exciting round of Skip-bo after it ended and Brother Webb and I won! It was a lot of fun. For the afternoon session we trekked down to Oregon City to watch it with the Forkners, members of the bishopric. It was lovely! They are a neat couple. After that session, we stopped by an apartment we heard had YSAs in it. Turns out, it’s three YSA guys that all want to be taught the gospel! Total miracle! 

After the incredible priesthood session, we had a conference call with President Bullen about zone conference coming up this Tuesday. He put us in charge of the whole thing. Let’s just say, we’ve been eating sleeping and breathing zone Conference for the last several hours. I’m sure it will turn out fine.

We also got a phone call on Saturday night that a sister in the clackamas Ward scheduled for baptism the next day was getting cold feet. We quickly asked our whole zone to pray for her. President Bullen offered to call her and talk through her worries. We are so happy to report that she was baptized yesterday in a beautiful service! Prayers are answered. 

With all of the events of the week, General Conference, the passing of Apostle Robert D Hales, and tragic events in Las Vegas, the words to a favorite song came to mind, which is my testimony.

May the peace of God be within you
In every path that you take,
And may He be with you forever.
May the rising of the morning sun
Gently speak His love. May you see
His hand, in the silent stars above.
May the peace of God be within you,

With love, 

Elder Hall


Me and Elder Guymon, my buddy from high school!   Me and Elder White!


MLC Photos



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