Monday, April 3, 2017


Fishing with a fishing rod made of candy!

Hey everyone! It is springtime here! It has been sunny for 4 days in a
row now!! It's a Conference miracle! Sorry this one's gonna be a
little short, it wasn't a super eventful week!

Tuesday was a little weird. It was spring break, and a bible school
was volunteering at the pantry, so they didn't need us. It was a real
bummer. That night though, we got to have a lesson with a lady named
Sue. She's the mom of a member in the ward, and she hasn't been
interested in 15 years! Well, our ward member had a prompting to ask
her mom yet again to meet with the missionaries, and she said yes! We
had a really tender lesson about the temple and forever families. The
spirit was tangible, and she was excited to read more about the temple
in the pamphlet we had.

Wednesday we took my BOY Sam with us to talk to people on the street.
It was so fun! I freaking love the youth here! They are friends I hope
I can stay in touch with. Love you guys! Thanks for being my pals!

Saturday was so fun! We went and "borrowed" the church projector and
hooked up our iPads to it in our apartment. We had Conference on our
wall while we ate breakfast with some other missionaries. It was a ton
of fun! Conference was SO good. Don't worry, we returned the projector
with no harm done. After the Priesthood session at the church, a member
from another ward took us to the swankiest buffet in town. It was so

Sunday morning we had breakfast and watched Conference with Bishop and
his wife and their dog Juno. It was really nice! After the morning
session, we went to another member's house (our new investigator Sue's
family) and had a really good lunch and fun outside! We played tug of
war and it was the kids against me. It was so fun! The last session of
conference was SO good. We played conference bingo with the kids and
they loved it! And the best part? We found out Sue had watched EVERY
session of conference!! It was so neat! We also learned our other
investigator Des had watched all of the Saturday sessions and loved it!
We were so happy!

Sorry this is short, but I'll leave you with a thought from Priesthood
session. Elder Bednar spoke about being called to the work and
assigned to an area. If we apply that to ourselves as members of the
church, we must remember we are ALL called to be missionaries, whether
you wear a tag or not. My assignment is to serve in the celestial
mission, the OPM, for right now. Your assignment is to labor where you
live! There are people that need the joy we have. What we have, the
world desperately needs! Though you may not have a paper with your
exact assignment on it, you have a paper in your wallet that calls you
to share the message of the gospel. Your temple recommend only means
something when you help others get to the temple. Don't let your
covenants slip away without bringing the full blessings of them into
your life. Share the gospel! If you haven't seen the #PRINCEofPEACE
video, go to and watch it! Then get on your knees and ask
Heavenly Father for specific people that need to hear it. Sharing it
on your Facebook wall is a good start, but Heavenly Father trusts you,
and will tell you which of His children's hearts you need to touch.
Don't let that trust pass you by! Love you all, have a great week!

With love,
Elder Hall


Our Saturday morning conference set up!

         Sweet little beaver pond we found!

                     Spring Photo Shoot!

  Good cop, bad cop!


I found some real Air Force sunglasses! I rock them well.

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