Monday, April 24, 2017


Safari Jeep!  It was sweet!

Hey everyone! It's been a really good week here in Oregon! Lots of
rain, but that isn't anything new. So far it's only rained twice this
year! Once for 45 days and again for 36 days. Hahaha just kidding!
Really though, I kind of really miss not rain.

This week was difficult to say the least. But we made it through!

Tuesday was Zone conference and I love President Ballard and President
Newsom. They inspire me! If I can become half the man that these
incredible leaders are, I would be thrilled. Just like General
Conference, everything said was just for me. The Lord truly does
answer prayers.

Wednesday night was crazy. We were at mutual and they had root beer
floats. So they had some leftover stuff and they gave it to us, but we
didn't want it so we thought, who could we take this to? We thought of
the sisters, who live in the opposite direction of us, but we decided
to just go anyway. We came over the top of this hill to see a minivan
and a small car smashed and smoking. This bad wreck seriously JUST
happened. We pulled up and blocked the road with the car to stop
traffic and I ran to one of the cars while Elder Kindrick ran to the
other one. The air bags had gone off and there was a woman freaking
out in the car. She was in total shock. So I opened the door and asked
if she was hurt, but she didn't speak English. I grabbed her arm and
scooped her out of the car and sat her on the curb, all the while
she's screaming. I pull out the phone, hands shaking, and call 911.
People that witnessed it were coming up to me and telling the story of
what happened. Everyone kept calling me "detective". Haha everyone
thought I was some kind of law enforcement. The ambulance pulled up
and the paramedics came over and asked what had happened. I told them
all that I had seen and done and they said we did the right thing. I
sat with the woman as she cried and they checked her out. They told us
we were ok to leave, so we got in the car and left because it was past
curfew. We called the fire department the next day and all those
involved had been shaken up with a little whiplash and some bruised
ribs, but everyone was ok. I still feel so humbled over this
experience. What seemed like an innocent thought had actually been a
prompting of the spirit. Had we not been taking the treat to the
sisters, we wouldn't have been there to help. You never know when God
is going to call on you to serve His children. If the thought is good,
go with it! It's from the spirit!

Thursday night we had a lesson with Des and it was great! She is
stubborn and has a lot of serious fears, but she is making
progress and it is so exciting to see. She is an incredible woman who
inspires me so much.

Friday night we went to the Westview girls lacrosse game to support
the youth in the ward! It was so fun, though I didn't have a clue on
what was happening. I finally understand how you see football Maddie!
Hahaha we had a blast!

Some days are harder than others, but I received some incredible
counsel from an incredible man who I look up to. He said, "Keep
pushing hard Elder, trust in the Lord—this is all His, these are His
people, and His problem, you’re just the tool.  When the work seems
slow and all you hear is crickets, realize that there’s a grand
symphony of angelic collaboration taking place in your behalf to move
God’s work forward." We are constantly surrounded by angels. More than
we will ever realize. Remember God is always aware of us.

Love you all! Have a good week!

With love,
Elder Hall

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