Monday, May 1, 2017


My blue friend, Mike! (You better believe the arrested development
jokes were flying)

Hey everyone! It's been a nice week. Cold weather, but the sun was
shining and it was a welcomed sight. Springtime has definitely arrived
and it's gorgeous! Spring is my favorite season.

Monday it was POURING rain all day, but we decided to go downtown
anyway. We went with the Rock Creek Elders, Elder Comish and Elder
Wallace, and the Springville Sisters, Sister Nielson and Sister
Nicholls. It poured on us all day, but we had a ball! I found a blue
man and befriended him. He wasn't blue as in sad, he was blue as in
the color blue! His name was Mike and he was so nice.

Later on Monday we went over to President's house for his son
Stanford's birthday! We went over to have cake and ice cream, but I
mostly just hang out with Stanford, Mary Katherine, Eliza, and Belle
the dog...

Tuesday we were at the pantry and can I just say, I love it there so
much. All those old ladies are dear friends! I'm sure going to miss

On Wednesday night we had a great lesson with Des! She had told us we
could talk about anything but baptism. We were a little concerned, but
it turned out great! She has a long way to go, but she isn't even
close to giving up!

Friday was temple day! I went to the counter to rent some temple
clothes (which the temple graciously lets us rent for free) and the
worker was a lady from my greenie area, the Woodhaven Ward! It was so
fun to see her and say hello. Our session was so incredible. I love
the temple so much! It was nice to just sit in the celestial room and
enjoy the spirit and peace there. I didn't want to leave!! I wish we
could go more often. For all of my friends that live within a half
hour of the temple, make time to go regularly! Don't take living so
close to the temple for granted!

We helped a kid in the Westview Ward with his eagle project on
Saturday! He was building a greenhouse for a school for special needs
adults. We showed up and were the only ones there. So, we went to
work! After a long day (I mean a long day) we got it built! It was

I'll end with a thought. Christ is the Master Carpenter. Because of
His atonement, the unclean things in our souls, our spirits, can be
taken away. But, just like a beautiful piece of woodwork, it takes
shaving by shaving, whittle by whittle, until you get a refined piece
of art. Each stroke takes effort and hard work. While we may be
confused as to why our problems, our challenges, our trials haven't
faded away yet, we need to remember it's with the patient shavings
from the Master Carpenter we get the masterpiece. Let the Savior
whittle out the bad and make you His masterpiece.

With love,
Elder Hall


The tulips are UNREAL!                                           Grandma Beth flowers!


Temple trip!!!                                              Costa Vida in Oregon!  Too bad a burrito is over $10!


Blue Mike!                                              Downtown adventuring!




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