Monday, May 8, 2017


Hey everybody! This is going to be kinda long, but oh my heck it was a week.

Last Monday we didn't really have a P-Day because we were at the
seminary all day telling them about our competition! They officially
started Wednesday and they go until this upcoming Thursday, but man
I'm anxious to see what comes of it! They are really excited to be
doing it!

*Keeler family appreciation post*
I love the Keelers so much! Every time I type their name it corrects
to the keepers and man, that's the truth. They are keepers! Thank you
guys so much for being amazing! You mean so much to me. Thank you for

Tuesday is Pantry day and I just can't say enough about them over
there. I love them so much. They sure keep you on your toes, and you
have to watch for the old ladies that tell dirty jokes and hit on you,
but oh my gosh I love them! Tuesday night we went on splits and I went
with the Bethany Ward Mission Leader Brother Kunzler. We went to a
less active's address and it turned out to be a different guy. Well,
we pulled out the classic tracting approach and the guy was so
interested! We asked if we could come back and he said yes! I couldn't
believe it!

*Evans family appreciation post*
Oh my heck this family! I love you guys so much! Thank you for
everything you do for me! I'm going to have to make some trips out to
Texas someday! You guys mean more than you'll know to me.

Wednesday was amazing! We kicked off the MTC challenge at seminary and
had a ball! It was like 80 degrees and sunny all day. So glorious. The
problem with Oregon though, they don't believe in air conditioning. We
live on the third floor and our apartment was cooking! We came upon a
window A/C unit from probably the early 90s and decided to install all
90 pounds of it. A shoe rack, a toilet brush, a train whistle, 10
rags, 200 zip ties, a flashlight, duct tape, a piece of broken
plexiglass, and 3 half inch screws later, that thing isn't going
anywhere. I'll include pictures.

Thursday was eventful. Guys, I'm so stupid. Hahaha just wait.

After we finished up at the seminary building, we got a call from
Sister Franey asking us to walk the dogs because she was sick. I
couldn't wait! Grundel and Geneva are so fun! Geneva is the girl
version of my Buster Bluth. She kills me! We took them to the dog park
and they had fun playing while we talked to the other people there.
Most people in Oregon love their dogs more than their children, so it
was really entertaining. It kinda thunderstormed here... thunderstorms
are pretty rare in Portland, so when we heard they were in the
forecast we were pumped! We heard two cracks of thunder and saw one
bolt of lightning. What a storm! Hahaha it was a let down. Sports
night was after dinner and it was so fun! These kids have such a
special place in my heart. I love them so much I can't even explain.
I'm so blessed to know them!

Earlier in the day we got a call from Brother Kunzler saying his
friend's daughter was sick and they asked for a blessing. We went over
to their apartment, and there were Hindi gods everywhere (pretty
common here in Portland, there are Indians everywhere) so we knock on
the door and they let us in. They barely speak any English. We are
trying to describe to them a blessing. They were very nervous.
Finally, they tell us to go ahead with it. The vial of oil I carry
with me has a reputation of unscrewing in my pocket and spilling, so
last time I duct taped it together and thought, I'll just use my knife
to cut it whenever I need it next. So, not thinking, I whip out my
knife to cut this tape. And they go nuts. They thought I was going to
cut open their daughter or something. There was a lot of yelling in
Tamil by them and English by us. We are trying to calm them down and
assure them that's not what's going to happen. We finally convince
them we aren't there to kill their daughter. I anoint this little girl
and the second I say amen, she bolts. She hides in a closet. We can't
get her to come out. Lots of yelling in Tamil again. She finally
sticks her head out enough for us to lay her hands on her hand and
seal the anointing. And we get out of there. Many lessons were learned
that day.

Friday we got a call asking us to teach seminary. Of course we said
yes! I love teaching there so much! I hear there are careers in
teaching seminary in Utah... anyway, it was tons of fun. We had
interviews with President that day and he is so amazing. I love
President Ballard so much! It's going to be hard to say goodbye in
July. We had some good laughs and talked probably too long about
football. Then he taught me from the scriptures. It was an incredible
experience learning from him so intimately. I'll never forget it!

Saturday morning was awesome! We helped at the annual Bethany Ward Fun
Run. I was the best dancing crossing guard you've ever seen! It was
even more fun because the trial was still open, so more than just the
ward members were passing by. Some even joined in with me dancing! It
was a blast! Afterwards, we took an awesome guy named Asher to lunch
for his birthday! He is not a member, but has become good friends with
us. He told us he was taking us on an adventure and boy did he. He
took us to this incredible railroad trestle that is over 100 feet
high. After that, we stopped at this cemetery at the top of this hill
that overlooks the valley. It was beautiful! I'll include pictures!

One of the greatest truths restored in this dispensation is the
ability to receive personal revelation. But sometimes we ask, "How do
I know something is revelation, and how can I receive it more?"
President Ballard answered these questions for me. He said,
"Revelation is uncomfortable and inconvenient. It's 99% perspiration
and 1% inspiration." Revelation doesn't come because we want it to,
though the desire must precede it. Revelation comes to us because we
look for it. Joseph Smith went into that grove of trees in 1820
looking for an answer. He didn't sit waiting and wondering when God
would answer his question. It's the same for us today. Revelation is
essential to salvation, joy, and eternal families. So get on your
knees, ask God, and go to work. Then, and only then, your answer will

I love this gospel. I love my Savior. I know He lives!

With Love,
Elder Hall

Selfie with Geneva!           A real Aston Martin! James Bond must have been shopping at Walgreens!          


Jordan and I have some killer shades!    Teaching Seminary in the OPM is the best!


                                                                                         The trestle.





  What a view!                                                                         Best bumper sticker ever!


The trestle!!!                                                             Me trying to be a muse from Hercules


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