Monday, May 15, 2017


The best family history shirt I have ever seen!

Hey all!
I know what you're thinking, "Elder Hall you big dumb, you misspelled
Mother's Day." I promise it will make sense, you just have to read on!

A very happy belated Mother's Day to all the incredible women in my
life! Before I get to my thought, I'll give you guys a quick rundown
of my week! (Sorry fam, you pretty much heard it yesterday when I
Skyped home, but no one else did.)

Wednesday I was in the YSA Ward on exchanges with Elder Zimmerman! It
was so fun! We got to meet some CRAZY people. One guy preached to us
for a solid hour and a half about the Flat Earth Theory. He legit
thinks the earth is flat. No joke. What a guy though. Really nice.

Thursday we got to turn in our old car and get a new one! It's a 2017
Toyota Corolla! She's fire engine red, so we named her Rosie. She only
had 11 miles on her when we got her! I'm taking in every second
driving it because I know I will NEVER drive a car this new ever again
in my life. It's been so fun!

Friday we found a new investigator named Kaihli. She is so awesome!
She has friends that are on missions, but no one ever taught her about
the gospel! She was so pumped to learn about it! Too bad she's YSA so
we will have to give her away, but hey it was great!

Saturday it RAINED. Holy cow it rained and it hailed and it rained
again. You know it's bad when the parking lots become wading pools.
Then it hailed so hard it looked like snow on the ground! I took
pictures! It was nutso! We took some of the youth up to this little
diner and got shakes and fries. We had a ball!

Sunday was incredible! It was so fun to talk to my family! I was
relieved to find out I still fit in to that crazy bunch of mine. I am
so lucky I get eternity with them! My little kiddies are getting so
big, my siblings are happier than ever, my pup is healthy and happy
(though he was not happy with me still), my best pal is doing so so
good. I am so blessed! I have the greatest family. I love and miss you
all so much.

Now I get to my thought. I have one incredible mother. If you don't
know Debbie Hall, it is your loss. She's my best friend, my biggest
fan (she really is. She was known as Crazy Red at my football games),
my incredible, loving, sweet mother. To her I owe everything. To her I
would give everything to make her happy. She is my mom and I'm so
proud to be her son! As I sat yesterday pondering, I realized I have
lots of moms I need to pay tribute to. To all the incredible women in
my life, thank you. Only heaven knows the real influence you have had
in my life.

Proverbs 31:10 "Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far
above rubies."
It's safe to say I am one rich man. Happy Mother's Day!

With Love,
Elder Hall


Shasta the supposedly ferocious dog.!        Post hail storm
She jumped right in my lap!

Skye call!!!

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