Monday, April 17, 2017


Hey everybody! Happy late Easter! My favorite holiday!! I really
missed the party this year, but we had a great time with the ward!

My new comp Elder Kindrick! He's from Orem, Utah. (My first comp from
Utah! I made it 9 months without one!) He kills me. We have way too
much fun together. I haven't laughed this hard since I was with my
sista, my number one BFF! Don't worry Maddie, no one will replace you.

Tuesday we went to seminary to say hello and share the #PRINCEofPEACE
video with them. I have said it before and I'll say it again: I LOVE
THESE KIDS. They astound me. They have become dear friends. Later that
day we went to the pantry and they were so happy I had stayed through
the transfer. I love all these sweet older ladies. They are so fun!

We found an important looking SD card with Sister Ballard's name on
it, so we stopped by the mission home to give it to her. As always, we
ended up staying for 2 hours talking and eating cupcakes while we
played with Belle, their ancient yellow lab. I love that family so
much! It will be hard to say goodbye to them in July!

Sports night was Thursday and as always it was so fun! Most
recently my dance moves have been emerging and let me tell you, they
are pretty fantastic. The youth think I'm crazy but soon enough they
are all dancing right along with me so am I really that crazy? Maybe

Friday we got a call from the mission office, they are going to
sell our car soon so we had to go get some work done on it. We spent
literally all day in a Les Schwab and a Jiffy Lube. We called some
potentials and one ended up answering! His name is Bob and he was so
happy to hear from us and set up a time to meet right away! We meet
with him tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it!

Saturday. Oh boy. My new comp Elder Kindrick had a baptism in his last
area that he went to. Elder Comish in the Rock Creek area was going to
the same baptism, so they went together and I stayed with Elder
Comish's companion Elder Wallace. It was so fun! Elder Comish,
Wallace, and I were all in the MTC together. Elder Wallace and I got a
call from the Salem mission telling us about some members in the Rock
Creek area needing some help, so we headed up in the freaking sticks.
We pulled into a farm in the middle of nowhere and they let us know we
were in the right place. We spent the next 5 hours shoveling 7 month
old goat poop out of a barn. I can't even describe that smell. Oh my
gosh. They were all making fun of us because we both apparently looked
very out of place. I thought I was pretty good with being on a farm,
but I soon realized I don't know what the heck I'm doing.
They had a bunch of pigs in the pen and we were trying to get them to come 
over to us but they wouldn't. The family told us to just go into their
pen, they are nice pigs. YEAH RIGHT. we walk into the pen and I crouch
down as they come up to me. The one little pig starts sniffing my
finger and then out of nowhere it chomps down onto my finger! I
freaking got bit by a pig! I punched it in the snout and it let go. No
skin broken but I guess the way I freaked out was the real
testament I didn't come from a farm. Hahaha i still can't believe that
happened to me. Only me!

Sunday was Easter as you all probably know. We went to church #1 and
it was so good as always. Shoutout to Corrine Keeler for the amazing
strawberry shortcake in Sunday School! I love the Keelers, you guys
are the best! Church #2 was so good. The primary sang a song called
"Miracle" in Sacrament Meeting and I couldn't keep it together. It was
so beautiful. There was a man sitting in jeans and a Tshirt. Turns out
his name was Patrick, and he was walking down the street coming home
from work when he saw our little protestor outside the church (there's
a lady with huge signs that say, "Stop preaching white supremacy" who
stands outside the church every Sunday) well, Patrick is black. So the
sign caught his eye and he decided he better worship God on Easter and
see what the white supremacy is about. He came to all three hours of
church and loved it!! He is meeting with missionaries this week! We
had to refer him to the missionaries that cover his area, because it
isn't us. That kinda stinks but we are all on the same team right?

I'm so thankful for all the people that were so kind to us yesterday!
The Olivers, the Keelers, the Rutledges, Emma, and so many more. You
guys are great! I couldn't be more grateful to be in this ward. I was
here for Christmas and Easter too! The love, fellowship, kindness,
generosity, willingness, and happiness I feel here is celestial. It
really is. I couldn't be surrounded by better people right now in my
life. The Savior knows the Westview and Bethany wards, and they know
Him. I love my Savior so much! This work is true, and it's real. The
atonement of Jesus Christ is real. Let Him into your life. I love you
all! Have an amazing week.

With Love,
Elder Hall


Easter photo shoot!  Photo credit goes to my home girl Emma!


Minonaries twinkies!                              New America tie


Purple shoes and Easter socks                       Villa in the sticks


Clyde the bunny!                                      


Fiber optic eagle                                     more Easter photo shoot

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