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Hey from Oregon! Last week was freezing cold, and now this week we live on Mars. We had a record breaking heat this week, with temperatures reaching up to 100°F! These Oregonians though, they can't handle the cold or the heat! It's been refreshing to have Utah weather though, I've missed the beating desert sun. It's been an awesome week, and I'm excited to tell you all about it!

I'm so bummed to say transfers came one week early, due to President Ballard leaving. I'll be staying here in the OC 3/5 area and Elder Hone is going to Meridian Park in Tualatin. It's been 5 short weeks with this incredible guy! I've made a friend for life, even though he's a Lehi Pioneer. My new companion is named Elder Erskine. Don't know much about him, but I'm excited! 

Last Monday for P–day we went fishing at a member's private pond! If you don't know me, that means I was the happiest man alive! I was in heaven. We caught six trout between the four of us and not to toot my fisherman's horn, but I caught three and everyone else caught one so... toot toot! They were all pretty decent sized fish, the smallest one being 12" so we fried them up for lunch! It was a ball! 

For FHE, we went  and taught Cass! She is the sweetest little 9 year old I've ever met. We can't wait for her to be baptized! Speaking of 9 year olds, we were at church yesterday when a lady came up to us and told us her son Dax was 9 and he wants to be baptized really badly, so we need to teach him quick so he can get in that water! He's a great little boy and we are excited to teach him. 

Wednesday was so sad. It was President and Sister Ballard's last zone Conference before they go home on the first of July. There were LOTS of laughs, tears, hugs, testimonies, and love to go around. These people, this family, has become my family. I will miss them dearly. The spirit was tangible as President shared his personal testimony. I will never forget it as long as I live. 

Well who knew some of the persecution that comes when you're a missionary could come from members? Thursday was a little rough, it seemed that despite our hours and hours of hard work, the most upset were the members of the wards we cover. It was a little disheartening, but we gave them the benefit of the doubt and moved on. We did get to see our investigator Lianda and when she told us she hadn't read in the Book of Mormon, we were devastated. But not as devastated as the member that came with us! Shout out to Sister Wall who testified with enough  fire to singe my eyebrows right off my face (which if you've seen my eyebrows you know that would have to be a raging fire). It was awesome!

After our appointment with Lianda, we went and visited a part member family. The wife and kids are less active, and the dad, Phil, isn't a member. We asked him flat out if he would take the discussions and learn more and he said he would like that! This guy is notorious for being a grouch, so we almost fell right off the couch when he said yes! We are so excited to teach him this week!

Friday was a killer day! We went to the visitors center with Ray and his kids. It was awesome! At first, he was just there to support the kids, but by the end, he was excited to be reading the Book of Mormon and praying for himself! 

After the visitor center, we went and taught our other new investigator named Chrissy! Shout out to Sister Wall again for testifying! We taught the Restoration and as I shared the First Vision, the room was filled with the spirit. After a few seconds of silence, she told us she was feeling the spirit tell her it was true. It was such a tender moment, one I won't forget. She was also excited to read the Book of Mormon! We are going over later tonight to set up a baptismal date with her! 

Saturday was HOT. Our apartment doesn't have air conditioning (pretty common in Oregon), so it was boiling! It melted the butter on the counter! After we set up the farmers market, I had my district meet at the church with white elephant gifts for a Half Christmas party!! Half Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and traditions! I bought everyone breakfast at McDonald's and we listened to Christmas songs while we ate and opened our gifts. It was so fun! 

After Half Christmas, we met up with the ward to do a service project. We painted a great big dining hall in the local community building and finished just in time to go help another member rip out 40-year-old soggy carpet. It was nasty! Thank goodness serving people rocks or else that carpet would have been unbearable. All in all, it was a Half Christmas Eve for the books!

It's something President Ballard said in this last zone conference that I want to leave with everyone this week. In Preach My Gospel; A Guide to Missionary Service, we read in regard to missionaries that, "Your calling gives you authority; keeping your covenants gives you power." It's true that only those called and set apart have authority in God's name, but every person, regardless of who you are, has the ability to possess power from God. When we keep our covenants with God, He will give us power. Isn't that incredible? So let God give you power this week! I love you all!

With love,

Elder Hall


Getting the hook out of the fish                          First catch of the day!


Frying them up!                                                   Delicious!

Half Christmas Eve!                                                               Our melted butter!

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