Monday, June 12, 2017


At the Willamette lookout

It's June in Oregon! Hey everybody! So, it's back to clouds, rain, and
60 degree weather. I'm so glad it's summer! Phew! Hahaha it's kind of
depressing, but then I just remember how much I freaking love this
place and how beautiful it is and then it's ok! This week was a
serious blur.

Tuesday was crazy! I was on exchanges with Elder Zimmerman in the OC
2nd Ward. I love that kid so much! We are good friends, and I know we
will continue to be even after the mission. We walked the promenade in
Oregon City and talked to people and it was gorgeous! I'll include
pictures. We stopped to talk to this sweet old lady sitting alone on a
bench in the shade. We chatted for a while and then she burst into
tears. 10 weeks ago, she came home from work to find that her husband
of 44 years had moved out and left divorce papers on the counter. With
no warning, he was up and gone. She was devastated. Her hurt was so
raw, it cut me to my core. We sat and cried with her. She asked if we
could pray for her, so we all grabbed hands and Elder Zimmerman said a
prayer. It was just heart breaking. We gave her a Book of Mormon and
told her reading it would bring peace. She accepted it with tears in
her eyes, yet a glimmer of hope there too. After we left, we called
the temple and put her name on the prayer roll. Isn't it amazing how
the Lord is aware of everyone?

Wednesday was also a day of weeping, but only the manly kind. It was
my last interview with President Ballard. They go home two weeks!
It was like sitting down with my dad and just talking about the times
we've had. He gave me a hug and told me he loved me. And I know he
meant it too.

So Thursday our dinner appointment had made dinner and then forgot
about some event they needed to be at. So we pulled up and they were
getting ready to leave. They handed us the key to their house and told
us it was on the table and ice cream was in the freezer, and then they
drove away. We walked in and it was SO weird with just us in this huge
house. We sat down, had dinner, laughed about how weird it was eating
alone in somebody else's house, did the dishes and left. We are still
getting over that one... hahaha it was just weird!!

Friday morning we went out to the temple visitor center with Monica!
She is amazing! She and her friend Coral were emotional the whole
time. The spirit was so strong and tender, Elder Hone and I couldn't
help but get a little emotional too. It turns out, trying to think
about monster trucks and guns doesn't make the tears go away! The
spirit was testifying so strongly, it was a day I won't ever forget.

That night we had dinner with the Webbers in the 3rd Ward! They are so
fun! It was QUITE the experience, one I'll never forget. I love them
so much!

Saturday morning we had SPC with President Leptich, the OC Stake
president! He is so amazing. An Elder in my district, Elder Itaia, is
from the Marshall Islands. He is a greenie. He bore the most
incredible testimony in Marshallese. We didn't understand one word,
yet everyone in that room was moved to tears with the spirit it
brought. I just kept thinking, "Elder Itaia knows the Lord and the
Lord knows Elder Itaia." He may not be able to speak the language very
well, but his spirit is enough to convert anyone. I envy that kind of
testimony that just exudes power.

Sunday was incredible. Monica brought her whole family to church, as
well as this young couple  that were staying over. This little couple
was so humble. Not married, pregnant, and homeless, this couple is
working their hardest to make their lives better for this baby on the
way. I was amazed. The motivation to change their lives is incredible.
They are ready for the gospel. Unfortunately, they live in Clackamas,
which is like 10 miles up the road. But they are around a lot, so
hopefully we get to see them again soon!

This week has brought many tears, but they have been tears of the
spirit. The gospel is sweet to those who look for it. Someone recently
said, "God knows our potential and we reach it when we have faith in
Him." How true that is. I hope we can all press on and reach that

And happy Strawberry Days! Elder Hone and I are making our very own
strawberries and cream this week and I finally get to break out my
strawberry days shirt!! Woo woo! I love PG!

With love,

Elder Hall


On the OC Promenade!


Me and Elder Zimmerman!                    Grandma Beth rose


A boat on top of a mini van, OC norm.          Willamette River


Willamette River Locks                                            Jesus......Bigfoot?

Me and Mr. Bear in the woods!

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