Monday, June 19, 2017


California Condor comparision!

Hey everybody! It's been June-uary here in Oregon! Highs of mid 50s
and rain all week. Thank goodness it's getting warmer though. I'm SO
ready for some actual summer weather! It's been a fun week that
totally flew by!

This last Monday we went to the Oregon Zoo! We had a ton of fun, and
it was especially fun going with Elder Itaia, who had never even heard
of some of the animals we saw there. He's from the Marshall Islands!
All he could say was, "Oh wow! So cool!" Hahaha I'll send pictures!

I hit 11 months Tuesday! I still feel like a greenie out here. We
have a great time tracting and talking to everyone we meet.

Wednesday was the last district meeting of this transfer! I can't
believe President Ballard goes home next week. I have loved this
district so much! I've learned so much. Later in the day, we visited
Monica and had lunch with her! She is so amazing! Her testimony is so
strong. We are waiting on some things in order for her to be
baptized, but we will keep praying those things get resolved!

Last week at church, a little boy in the ward challenged me and Elder
Hone to a game of basketball. We ran into him Wednesday  afternoon,
and luckily we had our basketball shoes and ball in the trunk of the
car! That little boy was in heaven, and we had a ton of fun with him!
It was also probably hilarious to see missionaries playing basketball
in shirts and ties and basketball shoes!

A few weeks ago, we were at Burger King getting dinner and an employee
came up to us. He introduced himself, and told us his kids were coming
to live with him and they were Mormon. His name is Ray, and his kids
are active members, but he is not a member. We finally got to go over
and see him Wednesday, and it was awesome! He is excited to learn
more about the church and the kids are really helping him progress.

On Friday we called a former investigator in our area book and she
actually answered! Not only that, she wanted us to come over so she
could learn more. Her name is Lianda and she has been listening to
General Conference for over 20 years! As we were sharing the
restoration, she started to quote Joseph Smith herself. We are excited
to go over and teach her more this week!

We also had a lesson with a girl in our ward named Cass. She's nine,
and is getting ready to be baptized! We are hoping to set a date with
her for mid July. She is so smart! It has been so fun to teach her.

Saturday morning we were at the farmers market again! We had so much
fun, and we are really getting that set up down to a science. Jackie,
our British friend, makes me laugh every minute! We have way too much

That afternoon, we went to the Visitor Center with some members of the
ward! Thanks to Oregon traffic, we had to leave early and we still
were half an hour late to dinner. No one knows how to drive in Oregon,
and they all go SO slow!! The freeway speed limit is 55! I mean come
on people!! There wouldn't be so much traffic if you just drove faster
and stopped doing whatever you're doing!  My goodness. Okay, stepping
off my soapbox now.

 This week has been filled with wonders. Wonders of the world and
wonders of the spirit. However, the wonders of the gospel can be
neither seen nor heard. They are felt in the heart of the receiver,
witnessing the truthfulness and reality of Jesus Christ and His
redeeming love. We must open our hearts for the Savior to come in. I
hope you all have a great week!

With love,

Elder Hall


Pistachio ice cream! I found it!                With an American Giraffe!


The cowboy duo!                                   In the eagles nest!

 The elephants!                                       The closest thing to horse back riding on a mission


My District!  I love them!                                         STRAWBERRY DAYS!


The hippiest hippy van I have ever seen!  Don't worry they're wearing swimming suits!



                           The Lions!

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