Monday, June 5, 2017


Burger King has fry sauce!

Hey from Oregon! It's been cool and sunny this whole week (except you
know every morning when it rains) but man it has been beautiful.

We had a really fun week this week! Last Monday was Memorial Day, and
a member of the Stake presidency invited all of us over for lunch and
basketball on their outdoor court. It was so fun! The highlight of the
day wasn't that though, it was that we found a bargain market grocery
outlet to go shopping at instead of having to give your firstborn
child in exchange for groceries at Fred Meyer! This is my life.
Excited about cheaper groceries. Hahaha

Tuesday we went to see a recent convert in the 3rd ward. He was
baptized on my birthday last year! Jim is 84 years old and his story
is amazing. The man invented the AP class! He started the very first
AP calculus class here in Oregon City a shmillion years ago (Shmillion
is a new word I picked up out here in the sticks). He is a super
awesome guy! We are excited to go do baptisms for the dead with him
this weekend!

Jim lives near this gorgeous overlook of downtown Oregon City.
Apparently the locals call it "the bluff". Well we didn't know it was
where high schoolers come to smoke weed and drink. So, off we went to
check out the bluff! Well, we got harassed by literally everyone
there. It was like a movie scene. We asked if anyone wanted to talk
more about Jesus and they all laughed at us. One kid, the only kid not
smoking or drinking, said he would like to learn more. All his friends
started making fun of him, but he was serious. We got his number and
set up a time to meet with him. His name? Aaron. I told him there was
a guy named Aaron in the Book of Mormon that was pretty amazing just
like himself. We are so excited to teach him! God really does know
where the elect are, even if it is at the bluff.

We made the gold plates! I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. We
were going to teach some families with little kids and we wanted them
to have a little fun with us! So, we took a 60 pound weight vest from
golds gym and shoved it into the tiniest box we could find. Duct taped
that bugger up, wrapped it all in an old brown sheet, and tied it off
with some bailing twine. They look pretty sweet! I'll send pictures!
The kids loved it so much and had a great time!

Thursday was District Meeting and it was so good. I love my district
so much! They are some incredible missionaries! Later in the day, we
taught our investigator named Debbie (there are SO many Debbies out
here it's ridiculous). I've never felt the spirit tell me to say my
thoughts so bluntly before. Every time you teach someone or talk to
someone, you think of doctrine and truths you could destroy their
argument or complaints with, but the spirit always stops you. Well,
this time it didn't. And it was amazing. She felt the spirit testify
of our truthfulness and she committed to do the things the Lord had
asked her to do! It was so awesome!

Friday just ended up being "let's see how much the missionaries can
lift" day. Literally everywhere we went, someone needed our help
moving something big or carrying this or lifting this. Hahaha it was
great though. I love helping people!

The farmers market on Saturday was tons of fun! We had a grand old
time setting everything up. One of the vendors brought this baby calf
that was only 4 days old! They were having a contest to name her and
the name had to start with an M. So as a district, we entered in the
name, Moorissa. Hopefully we win because that's the greatest name I've
ever heard.

Sunday  is full of meetings. All day. It was exhausting, but always so
worth it. I love to fast and feel the strength that comes from our
Heavenly Father. When we study the scriptures, we must remember that
the time we study is the time we give the Lord to instruct us. Every
day we need guidance, and it's through the scriptures our Heavenly
Father speaks. If you need answers, guidance, love, comfort, and
peace, turn to the scriptures. Feast upon the words of Christ, as the
Book of Mormon so beautifully states. I promise with all my heart, you
will receive what you are in need of. Your life will be filled with
those things it may be lacking. Don't pass this opportunity up!

I love you all! Have an amazing week!

With love,

Elder Hall

    Memorial Day fun!


This minivan at the church can fit an impressive             At "the bluff"
amount  of living things inside!

The view from "the bluff!"

A gorgeous view from the Wall's home!

My fish, cow tongue and beef head tacos!   Building bunk beds for some members!
Yes, they were delicious!


Petting the hopeful Moorissa                  The sketchiest ice cream truck I've ever seen!

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